Postpartum depression risk of women

Postpartum depression risk of women immune system, birth of a son increases the levels of inflammation in the mammalian immune system. New research shows that the risk of postpartum depression is double. The University of Kent team says the birth of a son increases the levels of inflammation in the mammalian immune system, which in turn alters the brain’s chemical balance. The same research has shown that women who have complications with childbirth are three times more at risk for postpartum depression.

Scientists have defined the inflammation of the internal tissues as an inflammation of the body caused by increased blood flow and influx of white blood cells. Complications in labor (such as the wrong position of the baby) and the fetus’s sex increase the magnitude of the inflammation, which is linked to the symptoms of depression.

It is a fairly common mental illness and affects 1 in 10 women, causing feelings of sadness, fatigue and emotional attachment to the baby. However, the risk is reduced in women with an already existing mental health problem, possibly because they are already receiving specialist help.

The head of research Dr. Sarah Jones reassures us by informing us that postpartum depression is a situation that can be avoided. This new finding from the research has helped more women support specialists since the very first pregnancy.

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