HomenutritionPeas drink: nutritional profile and benefits

Peas drink: nutritional profile and benefits

Peas drink: nutritional profile and benefits
Peas drink: nutritional profile and benefits. The pea drink is another vegetable alternative to milk that can be a good nutritional option, but it has some limitations and does not replace the consumption of the whole legume. Know their healthy properties
The pea drink is another vegetable drink that consumers have heard about in a forced attempt to introduce it to the market that, for the moment, has not been successful in Spain. 

And in 2016 the American company Ripple started a campaign in the media to announce the launch of its pea milk and made headlines, although not always positive (as this header in The Guardian , which criticizes its lack of transparency in relation with sustainability).
Since then, both this brand and its competitors have been slowly opening up and making themselves known through extensive articles in The Washington Post or The Times and, more informally, through social media and dedicated publications. to “wellness and health” (not based on rigor and scientific evidence).


The technological process differentiates this product from its competitors. Other vegetable drinks are obtained by soaking the raw material in water , spraying it and spraying it. The pea drink should be called ‘ pea protein drink ‘, because it is made only with this part of the legume : the peas are reduced to flour, from which the protein is obtained , separating it from other compounds such as fiber and starch . The protein extract is mixed with water and other ingredients (vegetable oils, salt, sugar, aromas …) to get the final product.
Among those added ingredients are vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12 and calcium . That is to say, that these micronutrients of which the advertising of these beverages can be incorporated equally to any other product, and are neither characteristic of this drink, nor come from the pea. This is not negative, since currently many foods are enriched to cover the nutritional requirements, but neither does it give any advantage over other options.

Quality of the pea protein

The advantage of the pea drink compared to other vegetable drinks is given by its botanical origin: it is a legume and, therefore, it has a high content of proteins of good quality, is rich in essential amino acids , and has good bioavailability ( absorbs well and we can take advantage of it). Features that make it very similar to soy drink , and that distance both of the options of almond, rice or hazelnuts.
To assess the quality of the protein, the concept ‘amino acid score corrected by protein digestibility’ or ‘PDCAAS’ is used, which takes into account the content of essential amino acids and their digestibility. The maximum PDCAAS that a protein can obtain is a value of 1.
The protein of pea flour reaches a good value: between 0.69 and 0.82 . However, the soy protein amounts to 0.99, and that of the milk to 1. According to this classification, the soy protein is of better quality and goes very well stop in the ranking.

Peas drink: nutritional profile and benefits

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