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Painful mouth corners and oral hygiene

Painful mouth corners and oral hygiene. Do you suffer from painful mouth corners? You miss vitamins. The cracked corners of the mouth can be tricky. They are not only very painful but, of course, quite unsightly. Often they can make you a lot of fun while eating and drinking. Someone enjoyed them only during their childhood and is glad to have faded into adulthood. What is their cause and how to get rid of them?

Painful mouth corners – is it a disease?

The pain in the corners is caused by inflammatory disease of the lips, which sometimes affects only one, but sometimes both oral corners. Cracked and painful corners are known especially by people with a diet where some important nutrients are missing. The most common is zinc, iron, and B vitamins. This problem occurs mainly in childhood. Even external influences, such as cold and windy weather, or hot and humid, can also be supported by its creation. Last but not least, mental stress and stress, but also frequent use of antibiotics.

Cracked and painful corners due to incorrect oral hygiene

Even the degraded quality of our oral hygiene care may be due to this inconvenience, so it can also be described as one of the possible causes that can contribute to the progress of cracking corners. The infection thus comes mainly from the mouth, which the environment itself helps the problem. We strongly advise not to polish the inflamed corners, for example, for example, regular lubrication with commercially available deer maize. Experts point out that people sometimes get an inflamed area with herpes called herpes, but it’s already a viral illness.

Symptoms of painful oral corners, their treatment, and prevention

Painful mouth corners and oral hygiene

The corners show redness and pain at the interface of the mouth and lips of the mucous membrane. Typical is also a crack in the middle. The corners are itchy and may be covered with the yellow-brown scab, wet, or bleed. They can also be a warning to the body about the more serious illnesses that occur in the body, such as Crohn’s disease or anemia. The basis of treatment is the regular application of anti-yeast and antibacterial ointments, which facilitate healing. Always disinfect the affected areas before pouring them, preferably with pine water or other solutions that will be recommended in the pharmacy.

Of natural remedies, we may recommend a beta-glucan gel that is suitable for tissue regeneration. In addition to the varied diet with the right nutritional composition, prevention is also the above-mentioned oral hygiene, which we should not underestimate not only in ourselves but especially in children who are more susceptible to the occurrence of painful corners.

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