“Open” your lungs and breathe better

“Open” your lungs and breathe better. When we breathe well and deeply, wellness fills our whole body. That’s why we protect our lungs and enhance their function in natural ways.

Our breathing is something we take for granted. We do things for our heart, for our skin, but we rarely think about taking care of our breathing and specifically the functioning of our lungs. So it’s time to change the data.

Remove the excess air

When we have short breathing, when we breathe fast and shallow, the result is that more and more air is left in our lungs. This is how we breathe when we are stressed and stressed. We do not need this air, however, after giving it oxygen, it remained in the lungs, occupying vital space, instead of being expelled by exhalation. With some simple exercises, however, we can increase our lung capacity again.

In practice

* We take a deep breath by measuring up to five and filling our belly and chest with air. We breathe slowly by counting to six (we try to breathe longer than inhalation). Repeat 5 times.

* Put one hand on the belly and the other on the chest.
We inhale through the nose (counting to 4) and feel our belly swell. We try to hold the air in the stomach for 4 years and exhale (counting again to 4).
We do 5-10 repetitions, 3 times a day, lying down, sitting or standing. To avoid the slight dizziness caused by over-oxygenation of the brain, we must remove all air during exhalation.

* We sit comfortably in a quiet area with soft lighting. We close our eyes and calm down.

“Open” your lungs and breathe better. We breathe through the nose for 6 “-8”, focusing our attention on breathing and taking deep breaths using the lower abdomen.
Exhale from the nose for 9 “-12”. Abdominal muscles at expiration must be contracted.
We aim for 3-4 breaths per minute, gradually reaching 20.

We beat our tern

We imitate the hero of the jungle: The way that Tarzan hit his chest in films seems to be not a directorial find, but a way to keep his lungs strong.

In practice we

Beat our fists rhythmically and vigorously with our fists. This action activates the thymus, which is located high in the center of the sternum and contributes to the defense of the immune system. Try this exercise especially when you feel your breath is cut. It is a direct way to make your breathing easier.

Another part of the body you can press to breathe freely – especially when you feel strangled by stress – is on the left side of the sternum, next to the armpit. In acupuncture this point corresponds to the meridian of the lungs.

The essential oils that stimulate the respiratory system

* Whole body massage with essential oils will facilitate our respiratory function and help us to get rid of mucus. To prepare the massage oil, pour in 30 ml of almond oil 6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, 2 drops of peppermint essential oil and 2 drops of black pepper essential oil.

* Pour in aromatic lubricant up to 3 essential oils together and up to 6 drops in total. The essential oils we can pour are mint, camphor, ginger, eucalyptus, cedar and juniper. They will help open our respiratory system.

Deep Beverage Drinks

Thyme: Pour a teaspoon into a cup of boiling water and leave for 6′-7 ′. Thyme is also a good choice for smokers, who particularly suffer from their lungs. In addition, you can make gargle with thyme drink 2-3 times a day.

Shampoo: Shampoo infusions have emollient, expectorant and antimicrobial action.

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