Olive oil bath and benefits for health and beauty

Olive oil bath and benefits for health and beauty
Olive oil bath and benefits for health and beauty

What is Olive oil bath and its benefits for health and beauty? Do you know Olive oil is the “liquid gold” of health and beauty? Scientists confirm that the peoples of the Mediterranean are blessed. Our diet is based on vegetables, fruits, olives, legumes, fish, red wine, and especially olive oil. It is considered one of the best because it gives longevity and health.

Olive oil and extra virgin olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats and polyphenols. It fights age-related diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Its difference compared to plain virgin olive oil is in the acidity (virgin olive oil has <2%, while extra virgin olive oil has <0.8%) and taste.

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The first has a pleasant spicy or bitter taste and smell of fruit, while the second has a light taste and smell of fruit and has some apparent defect. We have gathered various researches on the multiple properties of olive oil for our body, and we list the most important properties. Let’s see why Olive oil is the “liquid gold” of health and beauty.

What is Olive oil bath

Olive Oil Bath: Just load your tub with cozy water and also mix 5 tablespoons of added virgin olive oil in it. Then bath yourself in this water for 20 minutes. The olive oil bath is outstanding for making your skin moisture flexible, young and smooth looking.

Beneficial main ingredients of Olive oil bath

The main ingredients of olive oil that have a beneficial effect on our body are:

  • Polyphenols: Powerful antioxidants that offer adequate protection against photoaging and free radicals. The main ones are oleuropein and squalene.
  • Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acid
  • Vitamin E: It has strong antioxidant activity, prevents tissue ageing, protects from harmful sunlight, and softens the skin.
  • Vitamin K: Protects against ageing.

Health and Beauty benefits of Olive oil bath

Prevents stroke

One way to reduce the chances of stroke is to add raw olive oil to our diet.

Several studies suggest that frequent consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduces the chances of having a stroke. French research shows that those who drank olive oil were 41% less likely to have a stroke than others.

It strengthens the heart.

Research has shown that the consumption of olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil, prevents blood clots. It contributes significantly to the reduction of cardiovascular disease due to monounsaturated fatty acids.

It gives smooth, soft hair.

It is considered a Mediterranean nature condition and is a guaranteed treatment for dehydrated, damaged hair that frizz.

The lipids and vitamin E, which it contains, nourish the hair and smooth the scalp to get rid of it more efficiently and do not break.

Applying it directly to the edges, we prevent the scissors. Also, it gives the hair unparalleled shine and elasticity. In the past, olive oil was used as a medicine to treat alopecia or hair loss.

For good cholesterol

Another reason that olive oil is so good for cardiovascular health is that it lowers the bad cholesterol that clogs the arteries and increases the good.

Fights acne

Removes makeup, cleanses pores, and strengthens the skin to fight inflammation, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

A shocking example is Hollywood star Chloe Grace Moretz, who suffered from cystic acne. Moretz claims that one of her beauty secrets is that she cleanses her skin daily with olive oil. “My skin is cleaner than ever,” he says.

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Protects against cancer

Olive oil is one of the foods that help prevent cancer. Its antioxidants inhibit the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. At the heart of the scientific interest is oleic acid. This critical monounsaturated fatty acid appears to delay the progression of cancer.

It also reduces the chances of breast cancer. In one study, Spaniards who consumed a certain amount of olive oil daily reduced their risk of breast cancer by as much as 68% compared to women on a low-fat diet.

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For dry skin of the scalp

Olive oil fights dry skin and restores the scalp’s normal pH levels thanks to Ω3 fatty acids, vitamins A, K, and iron. Also, its antioxidant elements protect the hair and scalp against the attacks of the environment. Treatment: Massage the entire scalp with about ten drops of lukewarm olive oil.

We leave it as long as we can before bathing but ideally, we cover our head with a hat, sleep, and bathe in the morning.

We follow the procedure once a week for at least a month, and the results will surprise us. For faster treatment, we look for a shampoo that contains olive oil.

Strengthens brittle nails

The secret of nail health also depends on the cuticles. We give them the necessary strength following the following recipe: Pour in a bowl five tablespoons of warm olive oil and dip your fingertips.

We are waiting for 10΄. Then, wipe and lightly massage around the nails. Allow the remaining amount to be absorbed without washing your hands with soap.

Prevents diabetes

High glucose levels cause oxidative stress in the body. And glycosylation, a chemical process that ages tissues.

However, the rich antioxidant composition of olive oil, on the one hand, reduces the damage of oxidation. On the other hand, it normalizes the action of insulin. It fights diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels by normalizing the action of insulin.

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Moisturizes the skin

It is no secret that it deeply nourishes the skin, protects it from premature ageing, and smoothes existing wrinkles. That is why we reasonably find it in many cosmetics and DIY beauty recipes.

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Improves brain function

Recent studies show that olive oil helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It protects brain tissue from toxic proteins, such as beta-amyloid and neurofibrillary tangles, which are thought to be responsible for the disease.

Regenerates dry / cracked limbs

Vitamin E and squalene, contained in olive oil, are two excellent regenerative and moisturizing agents that restore health and comfort to afflicted hands. DIY recipe We will need seven tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, seven tablespoons of calendula oil, ten drops of organic lavender essential oil.

Pour the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake. We spray our hands and do a gentle massage. We use it as often as we want. Before using the oil, shake the bottle and ideally wear plastic gloves for a few hours.

Improves mood

There is a growing body of research that confirms that food is related to mental health. In fact, in a recent study conducted in Australia, participants diagnosed with depression were divided into groups.

One of them adopted a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil. It was found that this group was five times more likely to improve its mood than the rest.

It does a perfect makeup remover.

You may think that olive oil will make oily skin even more oily. Still, the opposite is true: olive oil adheres to dirt and sebum on the skin and lures away as we rinse our face or clean it with a makeup remover.

Also, it removes even the waterproof mascara, and it is non-itchy, i.e. it does not clog the pores and does not cause pimples.

Facilitates digestion

Good quality olive oil helps lubricate the digestive tract and better breakdown down food in the stomach because it causes greater bile secretion. It also soothes the symptoms of gastritis and ulcers.

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It helps reduce the effects of alcohol.

A spoonful of olive oil after heavy alcohol consumption restores sobriety. It calms the stomach, soothing the unpleasant sensation caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Of course, the best solution to avoid drunkenness and unpleasant consequences is moderate alcohol consumption, accompanied by food intake.

Makes shaving easier

A few drops of olive oil, instead of shaving foam or soap, will make the razor glide better. Shaving will be easier, without irritation, and the skin will become glowing, hydrated, and soft.

It mobilizes the intestine.

Research shows that the Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, improves intestinal motility, fights constipation, and prevents fat accumulation in the liver.

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