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Oatmeal good for you

Is oatmeal good for you? Yes, Oatmeal is one of the healthiest food sources. Oats is a gluten-free whole grain and a great source of valuable vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. Studies show that oatmeal has many health benefits, including weight loss, lower blood sugar, and lower heart disease risk. 

I personally absolutely love oatmeal! I think oatmeal is the ideal breakfast when I have had enough omelettes, boiled eggs, and homemade smoothies. And I find it a pleasant change, especially on weekends. I’m going to explain a little more about “Oatmeal good for you” in this article. Here is the summary sketch of this article:

  • Health benefits of eating oats for breakfast
    • 1- Improve the digestive process with oatmeal
    • 2- Treating constipation
    • 3- Weight loss
    • 4- Reducing harmful cholesterol
    • 5- Improving mood
  • oatmeal diet
    • 1- Oatmeal gives a feeling of satiety
    • 2- It does not contain many calories
    • 3- Oatmeal does not have fat
  • Oats diet reduces the weight
    • Oats and eggs diet
    • Soaked oats for weight loss
    • Oat diet to lose weight
    • A mixture of oats and yoghurt for weight loss
  • Oatmeal diet plan
    • First day
    • the second day
    • the third day
    • the fourth day
    • The fifth day
  • Oats diet to lose a kilo a month
    • First day:
    • the second day:
    • the third day:
    • the fourth day:
    • The fifth day:
  • Oats and eggs diet
    • Breakfast:
    • Lunch:
    • Dinner:
  • Oat diet in 3 days
    • Breakfast:
    • Lunch:
    • Dinner:
  • Benefits of oatmeal diet
  • Damages oat diet
  • How to use oats for slimming
    • Oatmeal experiences for weight loss
  • Oat biscuit method
    • Ingredients
    • How to prepare
  • Benefits of oatmeal for muscles
    • 1- Provides the body with energy
    • 2- It regulates the level of sugar
    • 3- It regulates digestion
    • 4- It strengthens the muscles
    • 5- Nourishes the body
  • Method of preparing oatmeal for muscle amplification
    • 1- Oats with bananas
    • 2- Oats with milk
    • 3- Oat soup

What are oats (malt)?

Oats are a whole-grain cereal, scientifically named Avena sativa Oat groats, the most miniature processed form, take a very long time to cook, even when cut (so-called stem-cut oats). That is why most people prefer oatmeal or oat flakes.

Instant oatmeal is the most highly processed form. It can be boiled briefly, and a kind of porridge is then formed. Oats are usually eaten for breakfast as oatmeal; that is made by boiling the oats in water or milk. It is often also found in muffins, granola or muesli bars, cookies, and other baked goods.

Health benefits of oats

Health benefits of eating oats for breakfast, we present to you through this article of “Oatmeal good for you”. Oats are one of the types of foods that many people prefer, and they are included in many different types of recipes, as it contains a large number of essential nutrients. we will explain the most essential and prominent benefits that accrue to public health and the body if you eat oats daily for breakfast.

Oatmeal good for you
Health benefits of eating oats Oatmeal good for you

The Health Benefits of eating oatmeal for breakfast

There are many different benefits that oats provide for the health of the different body, because it is one of the types of grains that contain a very high proportion of nutrients and vitamins, which benefit the body, and among the most prominent benefits of eating oats for breakfast are the following:

1- Improve the digestive process

Oats contain many dietary fibres, which help improve the digestive system’s health in general. It also helps improve the digestion of food within the system. It contains phytic acid, an essential acid for improving digestive health because it helps not accumulate food. In the stomach and intestines for long periods, and thus work to improve that process, it helps those who suffer from stomach cramps and bloating resulting from indigestion. Therefore, eating oatmeal for these people is very important daily for breakfast.

2- Treating constipation

Oats also contain dietary fibre, which works to soften the intestine. It is one of the components that help improve digestive health, allowing the passage of waste in the intestine naturally. It is effective for softening the trash and stool inside the intestine until it reaches the anus. Therefore, taking it is a very natural and quick remedy for people who suffer from constipation because it softens the intestine without causing diarrhoea. It is a very natural remedy and has no side effects.

3- Weight loss

Oatmeal help eliminates excess weight because it is one of the foods that do not contain high calories, contributing to not gaining weight even if eaten in huge quantities. Because it has high levels of fibre, it makes it. It is one of the foods that make people feel full for long periods, thus avoiding eating for extensive periods, and eating oatmeal helps improve digestion and thus get rid of excess weight. Therefore it is recommended to eat more in the morning meals, especially in cases that suffer from overweight.

4- Reducing harmful cholesterol

Oats helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body. Because it contains some types of soluble fibres, which help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, this helps improve the body’s general health because it improves heart health and prevents many diseases related to the arteries, heart, and circulatory system. As the high level of harmful cholesterol leads to the occurrence of many different health problems.

5- Improving mood

Oatmeal also helps improve mood because it is one of the types of grains that help enhance the body’s rate of hormones. Therefore it is one of the good foods that help to give a feeling of happiness in humans. It is one of the distinctive foods for those suffering from mental disorders and anxiety, and it is also working to calm the nerves and sleep better for long periods if you continue to take it in the morning.

Oatmeal good for your weight loss

Oatmeal helps weight loss in a short time. It is considered one of the natural ingredients rich in many compounds and substances that work to eliminate excess weight by including it in a specific diet. It is a natural ingredient that does not cause any side effects On health when using it or eating a lot. Through this article on the Seekers Zone site, we will present the benefit of oatmeal for the diet and how to use them to get rid of excess weight.

oatmeal diet benefits

Oats are one of the essential ingredients that have great effectiveness for getting rid of excess weight. It has many different benefits for people who want to lose weight and fats accumulated in all body areas, as oats are rich in fibres and compounds that improve digestion, and it does not contain. They contain fats or components that increase weight, and among the essential benefits of oatmeal for the following diet:

1- Oatmeal gives a feeling of satiety

Oats contain many compounds and dietary fibres, which work to give a feeling of satiety, reduce appetite, and make a person not want to eat large quantities of food on meals. So eating it in abundance or introducing it into many systems makes a person reduce his weight.

2- It does not contain many calories

It is also considered one of the ingredients that do not contain high calories, so eating it in abundance does not cause any weight gain, and it can be eaten without fear in terms of calories.

3- Oatmeal does not contain fat

Oats also do not contain fat, so it is entirely safe to eat during dieting and diets, and therefore it is used for weight loss.

We offer you an oatmeal diet that reduces the number of kilos. It is related in some people that oats have a strong relationship with the diet, as many of those who follow diets eat it. Because it contains nutrients and fibres that work to feel full, so there is more than one recipe for preparing an oatmeal meal from Yes, I lost a lot of weight, so follow me through this article.

Oatmeal benefits: Oats diet reduces weight.

  • One of the main ingredients in oats is fibre, as it boosts the digestive system.
  • It fills the stomach and helps you feel full quickly.
  • It is low in calories.
  • Provides the body with its expended energy despite not eating many foods.
  • It works to block the appetite significantly.
  • Promote a fast fat-burning process.
  • Reduce harmful cholesterol in the body.
  • Reduce blood sugar.
  • The body gets rid of the accumulated toxins and damages in the digestive system through the excretion process.
  • Prevent constipation throughout the diet.
  • Oatmeal improves the body’s metabolism because it contains vitamin B, which provides the body with the necessary energy.

Oats and eggs diet

Many people eat oatmeal with eggs to get a lean body and a great weight because it works on:

  • For breakfast, have a plate of oats with water or milk without the sugar and one boiled egg.
  • For lunch, eat oatmeal with two hard-boiled eggs.
  • And at dinner, eat a plate of oats only.
  • It works to burn more fat accumulated in the body.
  • Oatmeal provides many essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • It boosts the body’s immunity.
  • Continuing this regimen will lose you about 10 to 12 kilograms.
  • It can be sweetened with white honey only.

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Soaked oats for weight loss

  • This recipe helps you lose a lot of weight and tastes great.
  • And that by soaking oats in yoghurt or lemon juice, even a cup of milk.
  • This marinade adds a creamy flavour and can also be used as a main meal for breakfast or even dinner.
  • It works to fill the stomach and the desire to eat more foods.
  • Oatmeal promotes a healthy heart and reduces the risk of acute heart attacks.

Oatmeal good for you to lose weight

This recipe uses oats mainly as a meal throughout the day, so it is not recommended to eat any of the other foods with oats to obtain satisfactory results through:

  • Breakfast: Eat a plate of oatmeal with a cup of skim milk without sugar, with the addition of a handful of nuts or dried fruits, or even a little cinnamon.
  • Lunch: Eat oatmeal soup for faster weight loss.
  • It is not recommended for dinner, but a piece of oatmeal crackers or oatmeal can be eaten.

A mixture of oats and yoghurt for weight loss

Yoghurt with oats works to lose the accumulated fat in the stomach area, and it is also an essential meal that you can eat for breakfast or dinner, as well as until lunch

  • Bring a cup of the skimmed yoghurt and add a spoonful of oats.
  • Another way is to put two tablespoons of oats on a skimmed yoghurt cup, along with a small handful of nuts.
  • Or brown the oats with a quarter tablespoon of olive oil, then add it to a yoghurt cup with small pieces of strawberries.
  • You can also eat a cup of yoghurt and one teaspoon of white honey with apple slices.

We have presented more than one way for you to eat oats to reduce excess weight.

Health benefits of eating oats
Health benefits of eating oats

Oat diet Plan

Oats can be followed through a diet, which is observed daily. Still, exercise must be done daily, and a lot of water intake throughout the day. As it is one of the beneficial systems for the body, as oatmeal gives a feeling of satiety for long periods, and makes a person lost For the desire to eat in large quantities, and the system is followed in this following way:

First day


  • Half a cup is eaten of ground oats.
  • Take with it half a cup of skim milk.
  • Add one small spoon of cinnamon to them.
  • It is allowed to have a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee.


  • Half a cup is taken from ground oats.
  • Take half a cup of skimmed yoghurt.
  • One of the banana fruits.


  • Take one breast of chicken cooked on roasting or boiling, without skin or oils.
  • A large dish is taken from the assorted green salad.
  • Take half a cup of oats.

the second day


  • Half a cup of oatmeal is eaten.
  • Half a cup of skim milk is taken alongside it.
  • Take half a teaspoon of cinnamon.
  • Eat one apple and another dried berries.


  • Half a cup of oatmeal is taken.
  • Eat half a cup of low-fat or skimmed yoghurt.
  • One cup of strawberry fruit is taken.


  • Eat four slices of grilled fish.
  • One cup of cauliflower is allowed.
  • Also, have one cup of rice.
  • The number of celery sticks, as desired.

the third day


  • Half a cup of oatmeal is taken.
  • Have half a cup of skim milk.
  • Two kiwi fruits are also accepted.


  • Half a cup is taken from oats.
  • Only one medium-sized apple is taken.


  • Take a slice of turkey slices grilled or boiled.
  • One cup of grilled zucchini is also taken.

the fourth day


  • Take a quarter of a small spoon of nutmeg.
  • One cup of berries is also eaten.
  • Eat half a cup of oatmeal.
  • Half a cup of skim milk is also taken.


  • Half a cup is taken from oats.
  • Eat half a cup of yoghurt.
  • Have a teaspoon of cinnamon next to them.
  • You can also eat one banana.


  • Take an appropriate amount of grilled or broiled steak.
  • A small plate of assorted green salad is taken next to it.
  • It is allowed to eat only one orange fruit.

The fifth day


  •  Take half a cup of ground oats.
  • Have half a cup of skim milk.
  • You can also eat one cup of dried peaches.


  • Half a cup of oatmeal is taken.
  • Half a cup of vanilla yoghurt is also consumed.
  • Allowed to eat half a cup of walnuts.


  • A medium-sized plate of chicken soup is taken.
  • It is allowed to eat a small plate of mixed vegetable salad with no added oils.

Oatmeal good for you to lose a kilo a month

In addition to the above diet plan, here we offer a diet plan for one month period. Oats diet to lose a kilo a month, learn about its method and its benefit to losing weight through this article, where oats are one of the types of natural plants. That has many different and multiple uses, including its practical ability to eliminate excess weight by following it as a diet Nutritional. Through the following lines, we will review how to follow this diet.

Oats diet to lose a kilo a month.

Oatmeal good for you to lose a kilo a month of the period. The oatmeal diet is one of the diets that can be followed to get rid of a kilogram in a month or more, depending on the body’s ability to burn calories and excess fat. As for the oat diet that can be followed, it takes these steps The following:

First day:

  • Breakfast: Half a cup of oats is eaten by adding a cup of skim milk to it, and it is stirred well, and that meal is fixed throughout the diet.
  • Lunch: A medium-sized dish of oat soup is eaten, and a few pieces of grilled or boiled chicken are added to it, taking into account that it is from the chest area.
  • Dinner: As for dinner, half a cup of oats is consumed with it, and one of the apples is eaten with it.

the second day:

  • Breakfast:  Eat half a cup of oats mixed with a cup of skim milk.
  • Lunch: Eat half a cup of oats, add it to half a cup of yoghurt, and you can add one banana.
  • Dinner: One cup of rice is eaten with oats, and a medium-sized dish of various green salad is eaten with them, taking into account not to add any oil to it.

the third day:

  • Breakfast: the same as the previous oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Lunch: A feast of grilled fish is taken, and a small plate of green salad is taken with it, taking into account that oats are added to it.
  • Dinner: Eat two fruits, any fruit, as desired.

the fourth day:

  • Breakfast: A cup of milk is eaten with half a cup of ground oats.
  • Lunch: A sandwich containing smoked turkey is eaten with fresh vegetables, and an amount equivalent to half a cup of oats is added to it.
  • Dinner: One cake made of wheat flour is eaten, and a cup of tea is taken with it without adding sugar.

The fifth day:

  • Breakfast: the same as the previous meal.
  • Lunch: Eat three packages of skimmed yoghurt, with the addition of one cup of oats.
  • Dinner: As for that meal, only three fruits are eaten according to the desire to choose.

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Egg and oatmeal diet

The Egg and oatmeal diet is one of the types of diets that help get rid of excess weight very quickly because it is considered one of the diets that contain a high percentage of proteins, and this diet is followed by the following method:


  1. One of the boiled eggs is eaten for that meal.
  2. It is also taken with oatmeal porridge.
  3. That meal is followed thoroughly throughout the diet period, whether it lasts a week to a month.


  1. It is eaten by two eggs, cooked by the method of boiling.
  2. Oatmeal porridge is also taken for that meal.


  1. As for dinner, porridge is consumed only with oats, and no other food is taken with it.
  2. You should not add sugar or salt to oats while preparing porridge or oil, as it does not contain a high-calorie content.

Oatmeal diet in 3 days

It is also possible to follow a diet of oats, which can be eaten over a period equivalent to three days only. It is one of the diets that have an immediate effect and an effective result in the least time. By losing ten kilograms per month in the case of maintaining it three days each week Stopping for three days and restarting the system again, and the system will be as follows:


  1. Breakfast in this diet includes eating any fresh fruit type, including bananas, strawberries or oranges, cut into small pieces.
  2. The equivalent of one cup of oats is added to this fruit after slicing, and then it is eaten directly.
  3. This meal is fixed to eat daily throughout the month or until the desired weight is reached.
  4. Oats can also be eaten without fruit for breakfast by bringing a small spoonful of oats and adding them to a cup of lukewarm milk to be skimmed, and then it is consumed directly on that meal only.
  5. It is allowed to add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to a cup of milk and oats to add a distinct flavour to the milk.


  1. Half a cup of oats can be added to any food type for lunch, such as soup, green salad, or any dish.
  2. You can also eat oats at that meal by eating a small plate of oat soup prepared from water and oats over the fire, with the serving being half a cup of oats.


  1. Oats are eaten by adding them to some types of vegetables. At the same time, they are cooked over the fire, including boiled vegetables, taking into account choosing some types of vegetables that do not contain a high-calorie content.
  2. Ground oats can also be added to boiled or grilled chicken, fish or meat.
  3. You can also eat half a cup of oats at that meal if you do not want to add it to some types of other foods.

Oatmeal benefits for diet

There are many different benefits that the oat diet has for public health, as it is one of the foods that help to lose fat and calories, and the most prominent services are the following:

  1. It improves blood sugar by increasing the insulin response rate in the cells, and thus the insulin level can be controlled, which helps people who have diabetes.
  2. Oatmeal helps prevent fats from being oxidized in the human body.
  3. It contains high levels of beta-glucan, one of the types of dietary fibres that reduce harmful cholesterol in the body.
  4. Oatmeal is also one of the substances that contain a large amount of fibre, which helps reduce the amount of food because it settles in the stomach for long periods, thus feeling full and reducing appetite.

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Damages oat diet

Although the oatmeal diet is one of the diets that have many health benefits, if it is followed for long periods, it may cause many side effects, which include the following:

  1. The oat diet causes malnutrition if used for long periods because it does not contain a high percentage of calories.
  2. In some cases, an oat diet causes kidney stones.
  3. Some problems related to nutrition include feeling very tired, losing balance, dizziness, and lightheadedness resulting from the body’s lack of access to the nutrients it needs.

Oatmeal good for you slimming

How to use oats to lose weight? This whole grain is one of the best types of the spread between people. Some people use it at an average of 80% as a main meal in America and Europe. Also, in some Arab countries, they depend on it as one of the essential healthy meals to eliminate obesity, resulting from eating large quantities of fast foods saturated with fats. Through our article, we will learn about the importance of these grains in diets slimming.

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How to use oats for slimming

You cannot imagine the proportions of the essential nutrients that oatmeal contains, as they have carbohydrates, potassium, sodium and zinc. It was not satisfied with that, but it contained iron, protein, water, and various vitamins.

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Oatmeal experiences for weight loss

Oats with fruits

It is possible to prepare a plate filled with different types of dried fruits containing many essential and necessary nutrients for the human body. Despite this, it does not include large proportions of fat and provides satiety for long periods. We start by putting four tablespoons of oats on them, and now you have a plate full of essential nutrients and keep the dieter in a state of satiety for an extended period of the day.

Thus, he does not need to eat large amounts of food that contain significant proportions of fats.

Cinnamon with oats

We can prepare a medium plate of oats after it has been placed in water so that it is soft from nature, and we spread it on a plate and start to sprinkle a tablespoon of cinnamon above.

This dish is eaten in the morning to give you a feeling of satiety much more than before and does not make you need to eat any other meal for many hours.

Add oats to milk

Boiling a cup of milk and put a tablespoon inside it. We can add a spoonful of white honey to it. So that the nutrients are complete, it will be one of the best meals provided to use oats.

Oats with vegetable soup

We put a little olive oil in a bowl on the fire, and we cut each of the onions, carrots and garlic. And move them quickly until they reach a golden colour, and then put the oats and keep stirring for a period of up to four or five minutes.

You should notice that the vegetables are much more tender and tender than before. Remove it from the fire and add a sprinkle of light salt because it fills the body with water. It is served hot as a sherbet.

Oat biscuit method


  • Two large cups of oats
  • Half a teaspoon of baking powder
  • Four medium spoons of white honey
  • Six tablespoons of raisins
  • Half a cup of vegetable corn oil
  • A teaspoon of yeast
  • Half a spoonful of soft butter
  • A quarter cup of coconut

How to prepare

  1. In a large bowl, place the oats, baking powder, white honey, corn oil, yeast, and soft butter.
  2. Mix them well with each other, and it is supposed to be in the form of a quiet but cohesive dough.
  3. Divide the dough into two halves, and put the raisins and coconut you have on them.
  4. After remixing them after adding the new ingredients, put a sheet of butter on the tray.
  5. Start making dough balls and stack them on the tray, provided that there are adequate spaces between each one.
  6. Put them in the oven at a temperature of 180 ° C, and leave them for no more than ten / fifteen minutes.
  7. After it becomes golden, take out the tray, leave it until it cools, and then serve it with cups of tea.

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Oatmeal good for your muscles

The benefits of oats for muscles are many, as oats are one of the types of natural ingredients with many different and multiple uses, working to strengthen muscles, as it is a typical diet for bodybuilders. This article will review the oatmeal good for your muscles and its benefits for the muscles.

Health benefits of eating oats
Health benefits of eating oats

Oatmeal benefits muscles

Oatmeal good for your muscles. There are many different benefits of oats, especially to work on strengthening muscles and increasing their size, and the most important of these benefits are the following:

1- Provides the body with energy

Oats contain a large number of essential nutrients and some types of vitamins and minerals, in addition to their high content of proteins, which work to provide the body with the necessary energy that it needs throughout the day, especially for bodybuilders. Oatmeal gives them the energy that helps them exercise, which they exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles.

2- Oatmeal regulates the level of sugar

Oats are one of the ingredients that help maintain blood sugar levels. Eating oats reduces blood sugar levels, thus maintaining an ideal weight and not increasing fat accumulation in the body.

3- Oatmeal regulates digestion

Among the things that oats help with is that it improves the human digestion process, as it is full of many important compounds, among which is dietary fibre, which helps regulate the digestive process. It also works to soften the intestine and get rid of constipation. Thus, it improves the weight and the general health of the body.

4- It strengthens the muscles

Oats help strengthens muscles because oatmeal contains many types of proteins that improve muscles’ condition, enhance them, and increase muscle size. Therefore oats are one of the natural ingredients that work to strengthen muscles.

5- Nourishes the body

Oats contain a large number of minerals and essential elements. These include calcium and magnesium, sodium and iron, and containing potassium, phosphorous, and other essential minerals, which benefit the body in general, provide it with the proper nutrition it needs, and improve overall health to the human being.

Method of preparing oatmeal for muscle amplification

There are many ways in which oats can be used to work on increasing the size of muscles, as it helps to enlarge and amplify their size and increase their strength, and it can be used in the following ways:

1- Oats with bananas

Oats can be used with bananas to strengthen muscles and increase their size, as it is one of the types of foods that work on enlarging and amplifying muscles, and that is with bananas, and it is used with these following steps:

  • Bring one cup of oats, and place it inside an electric mixer.
  • Add one cup of skim milk to it, and mix the ingredients well until completely homogeneous.
  • Add only one banana fruits to the mixer bowl and a tablespoon of white honey and remix the elements until they are combined.
  • After, this mixture is taken at a rate of twice a day, for at least a month, to obtain the effective result in increasing muscle size.

2- Oats with milk

This method considered one of the suitable methods of oats, which have a distinctive and unique taste, in addition to being a magical drink and effective enlarging the size of the muscles in the body, in addition to being one of the drinks that contain a high percentage of proteins and nutrients beneficial to the body. It is used in this following way:

  • A whole milk package is brought into the cream, or one cup of whole milk can be obtained, and it is placed in an electric mixer.
  • Add a tablespoon of oats, as well as a tablespoon of white honey.
  • Mix the ingredients well with each other until entirely homogeneous, and you can add a little fresh strawberry to it.
  • The drink consumed one to two times a day for bodybuilders, and it can be taken before exercise or once in the morning and the evening.

3- Oatmeal soup

You can also eat oatmeal soup to work on enlarging muscles and increasing their size, as it helps to provide the body with energy before exercise, and it can be eaten in this way:

  • The chopped onion is put on the fire in an amount of oil, and when it becomes golden in colour, the oats are added to it.
  • Stir the ingredients well, add a little tomato juice to it, and leave the fire elements until the oats and tomatoes are soft.
  • Add salt, black pepper, and any favourite seasoning.
  • Remove the ingredients from the stove, and place them in an electric mixer until a smooth consistency is obtained.
  • After that, oatmeal soup is eaten at least two hours before exercise so that food is well digested before exercise.

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