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Nutritionists named 13 most dangerous foods

Nutritionists named 13 most dangerous foods that are harmful to humans. Some of them may be in your refrigerator right now. Be careful.

1. Cherry pits

Spit out the bones when you eat cherries because they contain a toxic compound of hydrogen cyanide.

The same goes for peaches, plums, and apricots. Hydrogen cyanide is dangerous for the body. However, there is so little of it in each seed that you have to eat a ton of cherries before you get poisoned. Without prejudice to health, you can eat several hundred seeds, but it is better not to.

2. Pufferfish

It is one of the most poisonous foods in the world. Its poison in 1200 is more dangerous than cyanide. Only professional chefs can cook fish. One wrong move and a restaurant guest may die.

3. Sardinian cheese casu marzu 

This is a traditional cheese made in Italian Sardinia. Its feature is the content of live larvae of the cheese fly. Larvae can jump up to 15 centimeters. The use of cheese is dangerous due to the fact that part of the larvae may not be digested in the intestine and stay there to live for a while.

4. Hot dog 

Some manufacturers use dubious ingredients in the preparation of this dish. And also, according to the Johns Hopkins Clinic, children under the age of three often choke on hot dogs.

5. Alfalfa sprouts 

Fresh alfalfa sprouts are an ideal medium for bacterial growth. Over the past 20 years, 30 outbreaks of disease caused by the consumption of this product have been reported in the United States.

6. Octopus Sannakchi 

The octopus is cut and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is eaten still alive. The danger is that tentacles can stick to the throat and block the access of oxygen. According to Food & Wine, every year six people die from eating this dish.

7. Shellfish 

“Uncooked or raw mollusks are dangerous because they can absorb harmful bacteria from the sea.” All shellfish need to be cooked. Fresh oysters are especially dangerous, ”Dr. Cantor advises. He also recalls that many people are allergic to this product.

8. Unpasteurized cheese 

If you are outside of France, then it’s hard to find quality Camembert, which is made from fresh milk. It may contain hazardous food bacteria.

9. Bagels (bagels) 

Bagels themselves are safe, but their preparation can seriously harm. Before use, they are cut into two parts and often damage the fingers with a knife. For example, in 2011, about 2,000 Americans were cut when preparing bagels.

10. Green potatoes

Green – lying in the sun – potatoes can be dangerous to the body because it contains solanine. This toxin causes poisoning. The consumption of several kilograms of green potatoes is considered dangerous.

11. Jamaican fruit aki

Aki seeds and its fruits are dangerous for eating until they turn red and open. The fruit contains hypoglycin A. It can cause vomiting, and sometimes lead to death.

12. Green almonds  

“Unripe almonds are filled with cyanide. Before use, it needs to be fried to remove toxins, ”says Kate Cantor. Almonds, which are sold in stores, are already fried and safe.

13. Beans

Raw beans contain dangerous phytohemagglutinin. Even a handful of fresh beans can lead to vomiting and headache. Before use, beans should be soaked or boiled.

Nutritionists named 13 most dangerous foods

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Dinesh Gamage
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  1. Nutritionists named 13 most dangerous foods that are harmful to humans. Some of them may be in your refrigerator right now. Be careful.


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