What should you eat when it is (very) cold?

What should you eat when it is (very) cold?
What should you eat when it is (very) cold? Have you noticed that the winter period triggers in us irresistible desires to eat fat? But is it really necessary to eat richer during the winter? What are the real needs of our body to stay healthy while having fun? The point with Brigitte Coudray, nutritionist and dietician.

In winter, should you eat more … and more fat? 

Brigitte Coudray, nutritionist and dietician is a formal: ” No, winter it is useless to feed more than usual, unless you work outside .” Indeed, our lives (mostly urban and sedentary) do not confront us with low temperatures … Our apartments and other work desks are generally well heated and the moments spent outside are limited . ” There is no reason to eat more in the winter, our body does not really spend more energy than during the other seasons of the year, so our caloric intake must remain the same. ! On the other hand, what explains our biggest desire of “fat” is especially our desire to stay warm longer and to reassure oneself with cocoon food to drive away the spleen of the days without light … “ .Also, nothing prevents you from crack from time to time for a good accelerate!

In winter, should you consume more vitamins?

“In winter, our bodies are much less exposed to light … and therefore to vitamin D!”,  Explains our specialist. Indeed, the sun helps us to synthesize this vitamin in our body to boost our immune system. To overcome this lack and stay healthy, it will be important to eat fatty fish, egg yolks or dairy products. ” The diet supplemented with vitamin D is not sufficient in case of deficiencies … It will not hesitate to turn to his GP for a prescription of vitamin D ampoules ,” says Brigitte Coudray.

In winter, what are the fruits and vegetables to favor?

Compared to summer and our increased need for freshness, winter is less conducive to fruit consumption … However, it will be important to boost our immune defenses to avoid small (or large) infections. ” Side fruit, I recommend to favor those in season and high in vitamin C, such as the clementine , the kiwi , orange or grapefruit. ” Ditto for vegetables ” Think of seasonal vegetables, very interesting on plan of fibers, like pumpkin , parsnip, squash, turnip, leek and carrot, among others … Do not hesitate to go to the market “. Goal ? An iron health on our plate!

In winter, should we continue a diet?

” There is no contraindication to continue a diet started before winter, ” says Brigitte Coudray. On the other hand, weight loss is often associated with physical activity and in winter we are not really willing to put our noses out to run! ” e advises to continue his diet while maintaining a sport inside, like the gym in such room .”

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