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New recommendations for a better lifestyle : overweight

New recommendations for a better lifestyle : overweight
New recommendations for a better lifestyle : overweight. More than half of people are overweight or obese: it is time to change our habits. The organization issues a series of recommendations on diet, physical activity and physical inactivity to help people make better choices. 

Towards a healthier diet 

These recommendations are the result of the analysis of data collected in particular during the national study of Health on the Environment, Biomonitoring, Physical Activity and Nutrition (Esteban study) conducted in 2016. By studying French habits, Santé Publique France has been able to highlight areas for improvement for a more balanced and healthy diet, as well as better physical activity. 

Move regularly

Three types of recommendations are formulated: Increase, go towards and reduce. Not surprisingly, in the last category, we can find red meat and sausages , sweet products, alcohol, or salty products. Nutri-score has also been integrated into the advice offered to French, products in D and E are in the category “to reduce”. It is also advisable to spend less time sitting, whether one is sporty or not. Even if a person performs thirty minutes of physical activity during the day, it is important that they reduce sitting time : the ideal is to walk a little every two hours. 

Nuts and pulses: eat more!

The researchers found that the consume few unsalted nuts, such as hazelnuts or almonds, yet a handful a day would be good for the body. Similarly, they recommend eating more fruits and vegetables , and adding pulses, lentils, chickpeas, etc. These should be consumed at least two greens per week and can replace animal protein when accompanied by a cereal product. To avoid consuming too much salt, sugar or any other added product, Santé Publique France recommends to privilege the homemade fact. 

More whole grains 

The quality of what you eat is also important: the organization suggests trying to increase the share of organic foods consumed, and those of locally produced seasonal foods. In the “Go to” category, researchers insist on the need to eat more whole grains in all their forms: pasta, bread, rice, etc., and vegetable oils, such as olive oil, walnut or rapeseed. The share of dairy products in the diet should be two per day, but not more. For fish , Public Health France recommends eating twice a week, by varying the species. In short, to be in better health: you have to move more and eat better!
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