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Natural ways to treat shingles

Natural ways to treat shingles. There are few things that are as annoying and painful as waking up with a shingle sore wound to your lips. Especially when you have something very important to do during the day. So when it comes to dealing with herpes very quickly, there is no need to panic. There are a whole bunch of natural solutions, like the following 8 ways, that will help you get rid of herpes very quickly and no one will know that it existed.

1. Milk

It may sound weird but having milk in your fridge can be the solution to your problem. So take a cotton swab and infuse it with some milk (1% or even whole) and leave it on the shingles for a few minutes. Do this often without rinsing it.

2. Licorice

Many kids’ favorite sweet is actually a natural remedy for herpes. The licorice root contains glycyrrhizic acid, which will stop the growth of the virus and help the body create an attack on the source of the evil. The best way to do this is to mix licorice powder or extract with water to make a paste that will apply directly to the wound.

3. Oxyzene

This should not surprise you. Oxyzene, with its amazing antibiotic properties, cleanses the wound and helps it heal faster than other methods. This method of treating shingles works best if the wound has started to bleed. So apply acne every 2-3 hours and watch the shingle disappear.

4. Garlic

Most of you may have known by now what your moms were telling you, that garlic is good for shingles. However, what you may not know is that it also does good for shingles. The healing, antiviral and antibiotic properties of garlic make it a perfect natural solution. Grind a claw and rest it directly on the wound … as much as it may bother you.

5. Peppermint oil

The antiviral powers of peppermint oil make it a much more pleasant smelling solution. Apply the oil to the wound 3 times a day for immediate relief and get rid of shingles. In addition, you will have a very pleasant smell under your nose all day long.

6. Tea tree oil

There are a few things that tea tree oil cannot do. The antibacterial healing properties of this oil are well known and are a guaranteed material to “dry” and get rid of shingles within a day. If you apply it all day, even before going to bed, you will see terrible results.

7. Vanilla

One of the easiest recipes is probably in your cupboard right now: vanilla. Vanilla extract is one of the easiest ways to get it, as well as being known for its potent medical uses. Vanilla is high in alcohol, which means that it is difficult for a wound to survive and grow when it comes to vanilla. Use 4-5 times daily for a quick wound healing.

8. Ice

Very simple; It may not have miraculous properties like the others on the list, but it is the easiest of all. And who has no ice in his fridge? So apply some ice during the day, especially when shingles begin to form. Freezing can remove swelling and pain from the lip, helping you resist the temptation to hurt the wound and worsen the condition.

Natural ways to treat shingles

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