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Natural ways to make our home smell nice

Natural ways to make our home smell nice. Cooking, pets, and everyday life make it impossible for our house to smell neutral. You may have noticed that every house has its own smell, just like every human being.

Ventilating the house daily – even if it is cold outside – is the most practical and necessary step to escape the odors and to freshen the air. At the same time, we take care to reduce the humidity in the house, removing the carpets from the areas with a lot of humidity, such as the bathroom, and keeping in mind the small sources of humidity, such as wet towels. Or you could also get them cleaned by carpet cleaning st louis

Of course, we take care to dispose of the rubbish as soon as possible, to clean our pets, to throw the spoiled food out of the fridge, and not to smoke inside the house. All this will help us eliminate odors and are prerequisites for a house that smells good.

So let’s look at some natural ways to give our home a wonderful smell.

We take advantage of aromatic plants

Rosemary, eucalyptus and thyme, are some of the plants that beautify the space and at the same time give it an aroma of freshness. So we store some leaves of the aromatic plant of our choice in a jar in the toilet and every time we take a hot bath the steam and humidity will activate the essential oils of the plant. A bouquet of flowers in a vase can also give a wonderful smell of freshness to our space.

Flavor the hood

Monthly cleaning of the hood is necessary if we want a kitchen that does not smell like the last food we cooked. The next time we clean it, we add a few drops of lemon essential oil (or whatever we prefer) to its filter. When the hood is running, the smell of the essential oil will spread throughout our kitchen.

We make a different potpourri

Potpourri from dried flowers or fruits on the one hand is old-fashioned, on the other hand, it collects a lot of dust. To recreate the “magic”, pour water, slices of lemon, orange, and cinnamon in a small saucepan and simmer until the sweet smell fills the space.

We spray the space

In the trade, we will find available a wide variety of essential oils, from rosemary to vanilla. Once we find what we like best, we make our own aromatic spray, mixing in a spray bottle 150 ml of water with 15 drops of essential oil. This way our space will smell perfect without being burdened with chemicals.

We remember our childhood

A traditional technique for scenting the space is pomades. To make our own we will need a hard orange, which we will pierce with a toothpick creating the shape we want. Then we nail cloves in the holes and our pomander is ready.

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