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Myths about swimming – have you heard about them?

Myths about swimming - have you heard about them?

Myths about swimming – have you heard about them? Water and swimming are among the most popular summer recreational sports. It is a physically unattractive activity if we follow the meaning of “recreational”. Every newborn baby can swim, but he loses that ability around the first year of age.

Swim like? And do you swim properly?
Recreational swimming offers, unfortunately, the fact that we do not learn the right moves and tempo. And so often, untrained swimmers can not manage their breath, and they have overlapping neck to avoid head contact with the water surface, which damages our neck. Do you know, for example, that a properly designed breast style starts with exhalation in the water, and when it comes to relaxation, it ends with a touch of water?

What mistakes do we make when swimming?
When swimming, we make many mistakes, the most common being that we push our heads up to some high, so we voluntarily and often smile down the spine. For back pain it’s naive to think that any swimming will help. Conversely, it can even hurt even more. For spine alignment, logically, the best character style is. But the swimmer really needs this style to manage without having to often straighten and lift his head, which is another burden on the cervical muscles.

How to teach kids to swim?

They are among the busy habits of buying baby inflatable floating rings and ailerons. Yes, children do not get under water, but unfortunately they are also limited in motion and can not do the right thing they should. Sometimes, thanks to these barriers, which we call aids, they fix a bad swimming style that is hard to break later on.

Myths about swimming

By swimming, the pain of the muscles is reduced

Be careful if you have muscle problems, you need to swim in really hot water, or at least after swimming, go to sauna, steam, hot whirlpools, etc. Do not forget that the water at about 27 – 29 degrees is still cold for our muscles! Instead, they will stiffen instead of spreading. If you suffer from back pain , it is better to swim in well-heated or thermal pools, or exercise in the warm waters, preferably under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Close your eyes, start your nose!

And why should one do it? The dog, when he jumps into the water, does not do anything with his nose either. And looking underwater, if it is clean, it is certainly a pleasant experience and will not harm you. In an extremely salty sea, such as the Dead Sea, do not try it, however, it may be unpleasant. Otherwise, it is certainly a habit, so enjoy it and look nice around and underwater!
However, this does not apply if you suffer from hay fever , allergy, or have a chronic eye disease. But there are special swimming goggles that are designed especially for endurance swimmers, so you do not even have to forgo the underwater beauty.

Swimming is an ideal sport for weight loss

So forget it. The swimming swimmer does not heat up in the water, and even the muscles cool down even more, so he can not even burn fat.
But we will not spoil the pleasure of swimming with calories and spreadsheets. Just be careful not to hurt us anymore.

Myths about swimming – have you heard about them?

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