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Mouthwashes : healthy and shiny mouth

Mouthwashes are a complement for perfect oral hygiene: they avoid halitosis, protect the gums, prevent cavities
Mouthwashes : healthy and shiny mouth. Mouthwashes are a complement for perfect oral hygiene: they avoid halitosis, protect the gums, prevent cavities … Discover when it is necessary to use them, but also the possible risks of their abuse.
Good oral hygiene is essential to maintain a healthy and shiny mouth. 
Toothbrush , toothpaste, dental floss, interproximal brushes are some of the elements that can not be missing in your toiletry bag, but is it also necessary to use a mouthwash ? If you also have doubts about its usefulness and are for you, we offer you the guide to know everything about this elixir.
Mouthwashes, which were already used in ancient Rome and Greece and were made with various herbs, tree bark, or even with the urine itself – because it has a high level of ammonia – are a complement to brushing , but can never replace it , because many people think that only using these rinses after meals can prevent the buildup of plaque and the appearance of decay , but it is not.

Types of mouthwash

According to the dentist, there are two different types of mouthwash, those for daily use and those for treatment. The mouthwashes for daily use can be found in the areas of cosmetics supermarkets and drugstores, while mouthwashes treatment are sold in pharmacies.
Another characteristic that differentiates these products are their practical uses, since while the mouth rinses are used to finish the routine of oral cleaning-after brushing and flossing-and leave a sensation of freshness in the mouth and a fresh breath , those of treatment are indicated to solve problems such as gingivitis or mouth sores , so they are only used in a timely manner.
Although there are more and more alcohol-free rinses , you have to look at their composition to be sure, because this element used continuously can damage the oral mucosa. Mouthwashes are usually composed of essential oils , such as mint , peppermint or eucalyptus , which help to leave a fresh breath and a sensation of deep cleansing in the mouth.
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