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Meditation in the minute helps relax and concentrate

Meditation in the minute helps relax and concentrate
Meditation in the minute helps relax and concentrate. And yet it does! There are days that are just stressful, and days that would take 32 hours to fulfill all your obligations. Then you are in dire need of the gifts of meditation

It sounds contradictory: If you try to steal enough time to apply your favorite method, not only will you not be able to complete everything that needs to be done, but you probably won’t be able to relax enough to concentrate.
On the other hand, if you always postpone the time of meditation for the quieter days, you are likely to end up doing it rarely – or never. But what if we told you that one minute is enough?

Meditation in the minute helps relax and concentrate

The following easy ways will allow you to keep meditation in your daily life, which has been shown to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and physical pain. You can also try them right before you begin a difficult task in order to deal with it with more confident and less jittery movements.

1. Eliminate stress by cooking

When preparing your meal, set aside a minute during which you will focus purely on the cooking process, draining your mind of everything else. Risotto is an ideal recipe for this method as it requires constant and repetitive movements.

2. Relax in the shower

During your morning shower, try to stand under the running water and concentrate on its sounds and feel on your skin. Take a deep breath for a minute.

3. Sit a little quiet

We often say this to children, but we adults never seem to follow that advice. What was the last time you just sat, without a laptop, cell phone, TV and music? The important thing is to feel the points where your body comes into contact with the seat and the ground.

4. Focus on your breathing

And yet, one minute is enough to relax with this golden rule of meditation. Inhale by counting to four, hold your breath for the same amount of time, and then exhale in the same way. Repeat the procedure three times.

5. Scan your body

Bring your body in a straight posture, making sure you are not tight and making sure you press the ground well with both feet. With your eyes open and your eyes slightly lowered, start focusing on the parts of your body, starting from the top of your head and gradually descending to your feet. Loosen the points one by one as you observe them.

6. Drink your morning coffee in silence

Don’t open your e-mails, don’t look at social media, don’t start thinking about your day’s obligations. Sit and enjoy your first sip of coffee one at a time, while taking deep breaths.

7. Stretch

Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice for those living a sedentary life. Get up every 25 minutes for a minute – you can put on an alarm – and stretch your shoulders, back and feet while relaxing your breath.

8. Make your own rules

The above methods will help you to avoid meditation when your time is limited. But your daily life certainly offers more opportunities. Think about your most common occupations and pick out some that allow you to take some deep breaths, focus on yourself, and discover some tranquility during the day.

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