Many people suffer from joint pains. Are you..?

Many people suffer from joint pains. Are you..?
Many people suffer from joint pains. Are you..? These are pains that have low intensity, but it can also be a pain that accompanies every movement. And the older you are, the worse it is.

It hurts your knees, your hips, your elbows, but do you know that you have knuckles on your skull? Joints are where the two bones are joined. The joint is made up of bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon and muscles.


The underlying cause of the pain is inflammation ; may result from injury, infection, long-term overload or from an autoimmune nature. Inflammation of the joints is called arthritis , joint degeneration is termed arthritis . The first thing every person thinks about pain is to take a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, and he wants to relieve it. The pharmaceutical industry is spitting on combined formulations that also have an analgesic effect. Such drugs have a visible effect and really give relief to pain.
However, it is now clear to everyone that such drugs may also have side effects that increase over time and become burdensome for the stomach, liver, kidneys and other internal organs. In addition, joint pain is equally worsening when you decide whether you want to replace the joint with an artificial one. Today’s medicine can do this and the so-called endoprosthetic industry just blooms. The main argument is that the nature of the inflammation in the body continues and that your body has the conditions for the duration of inflammation created. So if this situation does not change, then the mere use of anti-inflammatory agents appears to be short-sighted, and on the contrary, it provides the basis for the development of chronic disease.

Steps to alleviate

Let’s take some steps that everyone can do to ease the situation for inflammation.

and / food

There are foods that promote inflammation. These are refined sugars and cereals and all foods with a high glycemic index. Such food forms acidity in the tissues, and it suits the inflammation. Other foods that promote inflammation are meat and dairy products that can contain toxic chemicals such as antibiotics, vaccines and disinfectants. Separate chapters are fast food, dressing, commercial salads …
On the contrary, there are foods that do not support inflammation and have a low glycemic index. The red meat is where the animal is kept, whether it is on the pasture or whether it is housed and serves only as an accelerated “raw” meat. Freely grazing livestock has a more balanced ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the flesh, while housed animals have a higher omega-6 / omega-3 fatty acid ratio. And it is this disparity that suits the inflammation. So whoever suffers from inflammatory conditions should avoid such a mass.      


it should be rich in vegetables, fish and herbs that have known healing effects. Fruits, vegetables , berries, lemons and limes, leeks, shallots, cucumbers, asparagus and other asparagus are among the fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic index Diet change is the first step for every person who has any chronic, inflammatory and degenerative disease. And it’s always up to him to make such a change. Changing the diet is also related to weight reduction. Doctors often say it, right? You have to lose weight so you do not burden so many of your joints. They are right and do not need another comment.

b / fluid

Another step in reducing inflammation is fluid intake – sufficient hydration . If the kidneys do not have adequate fluid intakes, they can not even wash away the fumes, and they stay inside the body …

c / sleep

An important step against inflammation is good sleep. The brain drives everything and needs to rest, to get rid of mental stresses = mental toxins. Good sleep is also a kind of detoxification .

d / motion

An important step in the anti-inflammatory strategy is physical activity, easy walking, preferably Nordic Walking; Joints need to be lubricated, and this does not happen when the joint does not move. I hear answers like, “But when it hurts me when I move. So how do I move? “The man is right, but that does not change the fact that the movement is needed. He can swim, move slowly, make a massage , and as I mentioned above, Nordic Walking, which relieves joints, divides body weight into four points instead of two … Motion activity is also associated with proper breathing; when someone sits a lot, breathing only surface, shallow, and it again benefits the inflammation …

e / food supplements

Finally, food supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids , vitamin D , collagen, magnesium and curcumin are also available .
Many people suffer from joints pains and a high percentage can regulate this unpleasant situation themselves; best when the described methods begin to practice as a prevention even at a time when the difficulties do not.

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