Let the baby eat with our hands

Let the baby eat with our hands. As your baby gains confidence in himself and becomes an explorer, he will soon be able to eat on his own. Managing to eat alone is not as simple as it seems.

First of all, it requires special motor skills, coordinated small muscle movements to catch the food. When grasping the food with the thumb and forefinger in a movement that resembles grasping the paw, it requires eye and hand skill to reach the food in the mouth.

The new sense of independence that surrounds your baby is exciting and at the same time discouraging. When children realize that they can feed on their own, they may panic at first and briefly relate to their new ability. This is because they want to keep you close to them. Go slowly and with the soft, drive your baby and his confidence and satisfaction with his achievement will increase.

– When your baby tries to grab food or dip his hands in it, he is ready to feed himself. Start with small pieces of soft fruit, such as banana, and wholegrain cookies dipped in sugar-free fruit juice, to soften.

– Only with the notion that the baby will dip his hand in the saucer and staple the food in his mouth, half falling down and the other half over can terrify you but don’t stop him. This process essentially helps the baby understand the touch of their food and get motivated to deal more with the contents of their plate. Strange as it may seem to us, it is a basic process of its development.

– If your baby is one of those who resist or refuse to eat on their own try reverse psychology: reassure them that you will feed them but eat the food in front of them with your fingers. Most likely he wants to imitate you.

Let the baby eat with our hands

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