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Is it dangerous to squeeze?

Is it dangerous to squeeze?
Is it dangerous to squeeze?. Everyone has this kind of experience. When we were young, we suddenly had a bag on the top of the lips or on the nose, and then formed a white-headed pustule. This is the face, it’s too ugly, the hand squeezed, broke, and the pus flowed out. It’s over. There is one more there, and then squeeze.

This kind of purulent is because the body’s defense function is working after bacterial infection, and the bacteria are confined to the sputum, and it will fall off after 3 to 7 days. If it is smashed, the following will happen: the sputum is broken, the pus flows out, and it flows into other pores, and new cockroaches appear. If your hand is too dirty, the cockroach is squeezed, and the bacteria on your fingers go in, which may lead to an increase in infection, a long time to heal, and a permanent scar.
More dangerous is the dangerous triangle. When I was young, I had a mole on my face. My mom always wanted to look at it. If the position is right, it will start to intimidate: Don’t squeeze, dangerous triangle! Do you know? Don’t squeeze or squat.
The so-called danger triangle is the area between the bridge of the nose and the corners of the two mouths. The danger is that retrograde infection may occur. From this area, the brain enters the brain, causing diseases such as cavernous sinus thrombosis, meningitis, brain abscess, etc. Hey, blindness and even death. The relationship between the dangerous triangle and the cavernous sinus thrombosis was proposed as early as 1852. A study in 1937 found that 61% of cavernous sinus thrombosis was caused by paralysis in the upper part of the face. After the advent of antibiotics, cavernous sinus thrombosis is not common, but the mortality rate is still high and must be treated immediately.
In addition to squeezing, pulling the nose hair is equally dangerous, because the nose hair is a line of defense with a lot of bacteria on it. If the nose is thick, cut it off and don’t pull it out.
Good hygiene is not to touch your face, let alone squeeze. If it is ugly, cover it with cosmetics.
The doctors are also squeezing, but they wear gloves, use a sterile needle to break the sputum, use the device to suck out the pus, and disinfect it.
If you are really addicted, do this: Wait until the whiteheads become soft; wash your hands carefully and brush your nails. Take a needle and burn it on the fire for a while. After cooling, wipe it with alcohol and rub the fingers and rubs with alcohol. After the alcohol is dried, use a needle to break the sputum. Squeeze the pus with a clean finger and dry the extruded pus with a clean cotton ball. If it is difficult to squeeze out, don’t continue to squeeze. After squeezing, treat the cockroaches with alcohol or antibiotic ointment.
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