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Hydration is the elixir of beauty

Hydration is the elixir of beauty. The secret to shiny face, soft skin, and shiny hair is hydration. Even the most oily skin needs proper hydration to make them look healthy.


Air pollution, daily makeup, the use of inappropriate products and extreme temperatures dehydrate the facial skin. Oily skin becomes even greasy and dry, which is more sensitive, completely dehydrated and reddish.

To protect your face you should not neglect daily, morning – evening cleaning. The water you use should be warm and not hot or cold. Prefer soap-free cleansers. If you have dry skin, choose a cleansing emulsion that will hydrate your skin more. After cleansing, stimulate your skin with a lotion suitable for your skin type. Moisturizing cream is a prerequisite for proper hydration, even for the most oily skin. Apply your moisturizer morning and evening.

Finally, a moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week (depending on your skin needs) would work best.


Although our body is protected from clothing for most months of the year, due to the lack of sebaceous glands that provide natural hydration, it needs our help to keep it soft. The need for hydration becomes more intense during the summer months when constant exposure to the sun dehydrates the skin.

To give our body softness we need to limit the daily shower time to a maximum of 15 ′ minutes because warm water dehydrates our skin very quickly. Immediately after showering and in fresh skin, apply moisturizing cream (or oil for intense dehydration) all over the body. This will allow the skin to absorb all the moisture it needs.


As our face and body need moisturizing, our hair is always shiny. The styling, the dust of the atmosphere, the hairdryer, the straightening iron, and the scissors and hair dyes dehydrate them and give them a dull and tired look.

For shiny and healthy hair always use conditioner after shampooing, even on oily hair. At the last rinse, leave the tips of your hair under cold water. This will give them more shine. In the hair dryer use the middle staircase at air temperature. Very hot air will make your hair dry and dull. Let your hair dry naturally as often as you can. The moisturizing hair mask 1-2 times a week will have spectacular results on dry hair.

Tip: Water is the best recipe for hydration. To keep our body and the skin of the face or body hydrated, we need to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily.

Hydration is the elixir of beauty

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