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How to protect our eyes from computer and mobile screen

How to protect our eyes from computer and mobile screen. We probably agree that we look for days on a screen – mobile, computer, tablet. We will not get away with it at work, at home or at school, while waiting for public transport, in a column … It is a phenomenon and no one knows what it will actually do with our eyes. What about TV ?? All the waves, the radiation, the artificial light uf. How much time do we have to spend watching the screens daily to keep our eyes safe? And what about reading in the dark? Are they all rumors, or is it really possible to avoid the “spoiling” of the eyes at present, without moving to the forest and disconnecting electricity? Is there any prevention at all? Let’s see How to protect our eyes from computer and mobile screen.

At times, warning information appears to indicate that (over) use of your mobile phone is detrimental to your eyesight. Possible?

When watching the mobile phone’s display, we forget to wink, our eyes dry, and get tired before. However, this negative effect is only temporary. It is the source of light that leads to pupil stenosis and dimming of the retina. Therefore, the eye is not in direct danger, but exacerbated by exertion will soon become tired, which may be due to dry eye, headache, blurred vision, or disturbed vision (“computer vision syndrome”). Research shows that the color of the human organism is important in addition to light intensity. The strongest effect is the blue light that activates the alert receptors on the eye retina. When we are exposed to blue light for too long and not cyclically, as is normal in nature, natural biorhythm is disturbed. We do not want to sleep in the evening and we are sleepy and unsteady over the day. This light also emits from computer screens.

How far should we keep the mobile from our eyes so that we do not bother and over-burden them?

The IT Support Chicago can help ensure that you have a working computer and tablet or mobile phone. They also point out that that we are looking at the computer about 75 centimeters, while the other two usually about 30 centimeters. The more distant the objects are, the harder it is for our eyes. The best distance to hold your mobile phone for our eyes is about 40 cm. Eye disorders are more prone to children, but if they have healthy eyes, they focus more easily on adults than they do, so it is not a big problem for them to use for several dozen minutes. Continuous use of vision at such a close distance may result in overloading of the focusing muscles and the development of a disorder of cooperation between both eyes and the appearance of eye problems.

Is it different when we use the cellphone in the daylight in full light and in the evening when it’s dark?

In the dark, the eyes get tired faster. While modern displays reduce radiation significantly, they do not completely eliminate them. Protecting may be to reduce screen brightness or use negative image format on electronic readers when light text is on a dark surface. However, it is important to maintain sufficient contrast between the area and the text (black or dark blue in contrast to white or yellow). The letters are coming out and the screen does not turn out so much. Any inconvenience also diminishes diffuse lighting in the room. At least one hour before falling asleep, we should not use any similar devices to make our sleep better. Blue light from mobile phones has a negative effect on the hormone melatonin, which is behind cell regeneration, quality, and healthy sleep.

What is the maximum time we expect to spend in front of a computer, tablet or mobile per day?

For an adult, it should not be more than four hours, not only because of the eyes but also because of the overall health. The longer time spent with a computer and seating in place without moving is not ideal for the body. Especially for children, the time the tablet or phone is using is key. After twenty minutes, playing on a mobile phone or tablet should rest and start physical activity and practice the eyes in the distance.

What to do preventively, if we considerably exceed this recommendation for both work and personal reasons?

Take enough light and try to wink. It is also important to have eyes rest, sometimes refreshing by looking out the window or alternating focusing on the distant and closer objects in the room. Every half-hour for about twenty seconds focuses on your eyes. Anyone with dry eye problems should always have drops of artificial tears, they will return the irrigation of the surface of the eye and remove the sensation of burning and fatigue of the eyes. It is also important to have a correct glass correction to close if it is needed.

How can I protect my eyes?

If you want to have healthy eyes, protect them, and take care of them like other parts of your body. Do not take their function for granted. Eyes appreciate UV protection, exercise, rest, proper nutrition, and eye control. We perceive up to 80 percent of the stimuli from the environment. They are often exposed to computers, window acs, heating, or sunlight every day. In the summer, it’s first and foremost important to get quality sunglasses. 

If you are working with a computer, set your 20/20/20 rule to your mode. So, after twenty minutes of working with your computer, look at a point at least 20 feet away for at least twenty seconds, equivalent to about six meters. Focus on your focusing muscles, practice your eyes, and prevent them from drying out.

It is also essential to adjust the illumination on the work table and monitor position. Dining your diet for fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid smoking that increases the risk of certain eye diseases. Wear safety glasses when working with devices that may endanger vision. Schedule regular sightseeing with an ophthalmologist, and if you have any problems with your eyes, seek medical attention immediately.

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