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How to Prevent Cellulite

How to Prevent Cellulite. About 80 percent of all women are affected by more or less pronounced cellulite, also called orange peel. Personal genetic disposition certainly plays an important role in the development of unsightly dents on the thighs, buttocks or belly.

However, an unhealthy lifestyle demonstrably favors the orange peel. In contrast, a healthy, balanced diet, lots of exercises and regular care ensure a tight connective tissue.

Prevent cellulite

According to statistics, slim women are significantly less affected by orange peel than women who are overweight. The problem is the enlarged fat cells, which hinder both the removal of lymphatic fluid and the blood circulation. Women who stay slim therefore effectively prevent cellulite and at the same time reduce the risk of developing dents and dimples in the “problem areas” in the future.

Sufficient movement in everyday life and sports also ensures perfect blood circulation. It is therefore not only worthwhile for weight control reasons alone, to use the stairs instead of the lift or to use the bicycle more often instead of the car, or to walk one or two bus stops after work. The situation is similar with pleasure poisons such as alcohol and nicotine. Both have an important influence on blood circulation and should, therefore, be avoided in favor of beautiful, firm skin.

Classification of cellulite according to its severity.

Orange peel is assessed on the basis of its visual appearance.

– Zero severity: No orange peel is visible.

– Severity one: The cellulite is very weak. Without external influences, it is neither visible when standing nor lying down. Only the pinch test, in which some skin is pushed between the thumb and index finger, shows small dents and dimples. At this stage, only the affected woman notices her cellulite. This is (still) invisible to other people.

– Severity two: The skin dents can be seen with the naked eye when standing. When the woman is lying down, the skin appears smooth. The orange peel has resigned.

– Severity level three: If the skin dents remain visible even when lying down, beauticians speak of severity level three. In some women, the affected regions of the body are even very sensitive to pressure and hurt with the slightest touch.

In order to be able to effectively deal with pronounced cellulite, a visit to a dermatologist is generally recommended. This will determine whether it is a purely cosmetic problem or whether cellulite may pose a health risk and should, therefore, be treated medically.

What can each woman do? Here are some tips:

  • Diet is the be-all and end-all. A lot of fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that keep the metabolism going. In contrast, fat, sugary and too salty foods should be avoided as far as possible. These promote the storage of fat in the skin and thus the development of cellulite.

  • Sufficient fluid gives the skin elasticity. It is therefore important to drink at least 1.5 to 2.0 liters in the form of water, spritzer or unsweetened tea throughout the day. Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and fruit juices should only be consumed as luxury foods. Due to their high sugar content, cola, prosecco, banana shake, etc. increase the risk of being overweight enormously.

  • Alternating showers support the fight against orange peel very effectively. They promote blood circulation and stimulate the (skin) metabolism. To do this, shower the legs, abdomen, and buttocks several times a week alternately warm and cold. Kneipp casts are also highly recommended. Interested parties should, however, have the correct technology demonstrated by an expert, such as a medical lifeguard, for these applications. Only the exact handling of the different castings can lead to the desired success.

  • Caffeine is not just a popular ingredient to wake you up. In addition, it promotes blood circulation and has a draining effect. To treat cellulite, however, coffee is not drunk but used externally. There are various caffeinated creams and scrubs to buy. However, you can easily make such a product yourself. Simply stir three spoons of fresh coffee powder with a spoon of olive oil, apply to the affected skin and massage in thoroughly. Shower well – done! Regardless of whether it is purchased ready-made or mixed: To achieve visible results, at least one application per week is recommended.

Medical treatment methods

Women who opt for medical treatment for their cellulite have a choice of different therapies. This includes liposuction, colloquially called liposuction. It is a surgical procedure in which the doctor removes fat cells in places where the orange peel is particularly pronounced. However, this method is quite controversial because, at worst, new skin dents can result from the suction.

Another method of treatment is cellulolysis. The problem areas are treated with needles that the doctor pushes under the skin several centimeters. The aim is to stimulate the treated skin areas to burn fat. At the same time, blood circulation improves. Thanks to reduced fat cells, the lymph can also drain better, which significantly improves the complexion.

Despite all the surgical options and the comparatively good chances of success, the following applies: In order for cellulite to remain invisible over a longer period of time, women affected have to exercise regularly and pay attention to a healthy diet.

How to Prevent Cellulite

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