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How to prepare for cold weather

How to prepare for cold weather. We are now in the heart of winter, the low temperatures, the dry atmosphere in the heated areas, and the constant cold-heat alternation discomfort our skin, which becomes delicate, inelastic, shows redness and dryness, our lips and scalp their glow.

What can we do;

  • Face:

Our skin is particularly sensitive and directly exposed to weather and temperature, resulting in irritation and dehydration even in oily skin. To reduce these effects we need to use nutrient-rich moisturizers, day cream with lipid agents such as tiles, oils, glycerol or carrot butter, and preferably use emulsion and lotion for damage.

  • Lips:

First, our lips are those affected by the cold. So to protect them, we often need to apply moisturizing lip balm, carrot butter or petroleum jelly.

  • Body:

Our body has the same need for protection even though it is protected by warm clothing. The skin becomes sensitive, shows signs of dehydration and irritation. The shower should last for a while and the water is not hot, and for even better results we can choose baths with moisturizing agents or mild soaps with a neutral pH. After bathing is the right time to use a moisturizing body emulsion, insisting on drier areas such as elbows and heels.

  • Hands:

We protect our hands by wearing gloves, and we should always carry a hand cream with us whenever we feel dry.

  • Hair:

And for hair, moisturizing is where we focus our attention. Wearing a hat or cap is not sufficiently protected from the cold and therefore we need to use moisturizing products with emollient ingredients, after applying the conditioner and at least once a week to treat with a mask. Special care is needed if you use a hairdryer or iron frequently because of the excessive heat that strains the hair. If you cannot maintain the hair, it is the best to wear a hat. You should check the store for more hats.

Extra tips:

1) Increase the amount of water you consume because external hydration alone is not enough. Also, the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and nuts is also necessary during the winter.

2) Keep in mind that the sun shines throughout the year and intensifies on sunny days, so the use of sunscreen at least for the face is essential.

How to prepare for cold weather

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