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How to overcome depression due to corona

How to overcome depression due to corona. The corona pandemic affects us all. Some more, some less. For people suffering from depression, the situation is a very special challenge. This is a result of this year’s “Germany Depression Barometer” from the German Depression Aid Foundation. People with depression therefore not only experience the pandemic as very stressful. For almost every second patient, the first lockdown also affected the treatment. The most important results at a glance.

How do people with depression experience the Corona period? How well do you feel taken care of? The “Germany Barometer Depression 2020” addressed these and other questions on the subject of depression in a representative survey. Over 5,000 people between the ages of 18 and 69 took part in the survey in June and July 2020. According to the survey results, people suffering from depression felt significantly more stressed by the first lockdown than people who did not have depression: While 59 out of 100 people of the general population experienced the situation as depressing, it was for people in an acute depressive state Phase 74 out of 100 people.

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The feeling of being burdened in isolation at home was also reflected in the everyday life of the sick. Some examples:

  • Increased brooding: 89 out of 100 sufferers stated that they had brooded frequently, compared with 41 out of 100 in the general population.
  • Missing daily structure: 75 out of 100 sufferers stated that they did not have a correct daily structure, in the general population it was 39 out of 100.
  • Withdrawal to bed: 48 out of 100 sick people were in bed more often during the day, in the general population only 21 out of 100 people said this.

Only 38 percent of those suffering from depression were able to gain something positive from the corona crisis. In the general population, it was 58 percent. Even after the lockdown, people with depression were more likely to experience the situation as depressing (68%) than the general population (36%).

Lockdown can make depression worse

Brooding, a lack of daily structure, retreating to bed: On the one hand, these are signs that a person is depressed. On the other hand, there are also factors that can further exacerbate an existing depression.

“People in depression are hopeless and exhausted,” explains Ulrich Hegerl, professor at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and chairman of the board of the German Depression Aid Foundation. “A lack of day-to-day structure increases the risk that those affected will withdraw to bed brooding. However, long bedtimes can further exacerbate the depression. A vicious circle begins”.

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Less treatment in corona crisis

The corona crisis not only affects your well-being, but also the professional treatment of depression and other mental illnesses. This is another key result of the “Germany Depression 2020 Barometer”.

Almost every second person affected stated that treatments by a specialist or psychotherapist had failed during the first lockdown. In some cases, sick people even had to forego a planned hospital stay.

Digital offers are gaining in importance

The changes brought about by the corona pandemic over the past few months have had an impact on the type of care provided for mentally ill people.

With the option of performing treatments online or by telephone, which has been granted since spring 2020, the acceptance of video consultation hours and telephone calls has increased significantly. 14 percent of respondents with depression said they had taken advantage of the new offers – and most of them were also satisfied with them.

The percentage of users is still low overall, but overall it is becoming apparent that acceptance of digital offers will increase. In 2017, 40 percent of those suffering from depression were still open to online support programs; now it is 55 percent.

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