How to lose weight in winter

How to lose weight in winter. The weight loss in winter is a difficult thing. There are few who can proudly say that they have not gained any pounds. If you do not belong to this lucky minority, do not panic. There is a way to not gain weight or even lose weight during the winter months (even now it is not too late), as long as you understand your body’s function and follow a balanced diet.

Here are 11 secrets and tips to keep you on the line

1. Gradually reduce the number of calories you consume daily by eating slightly smaller portions.

2. Don’t get into the psychological process of dieting, but think about the process of getting healthy, adding a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet.

3. Do not forbid yourself from tasting your favorite delicacies, because the feeling of deprivation will lead you to the exact opposite results.

4. Don’t associate the exit for fun with food and alcohol. The restaurant and bar can be replaced by the theater and bowling alley (calories).

5. When eating out, ask for lots of fats and sauces accompanied by seasonal salads.

6. Limit eating late at night. Try to eat at night as early as possible to burn more calories before going to bed.

7. Change habits. If you’re at work eating a sausage and mayonnaise sandwich, try something healthier and with fewer calories like turkey, lean cheese and lettuce.

8. Never eat in front of the TV. You consume much more food than if you were eating at the table.

9. Forget the evening gatherings at home accompanied by… delivery … You can make your own pizza with non-fat and nutritious ingredients such as low-fat chicken cheeses and vegetables.

10. Move on !!! If you find it difficult to integrate a workout into your day, just move on. Take a stroll in the park after dinner..and if you have a dog even better.

11. Do not spoil the world if you make a mistake. Balance your diet with your next day meal without excessive calorie counting.

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