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How to lose weight if it doesn’t get out of place?

How to lose weight if it doesn't get out of place?
How to lose weight if it doesn’t get out of place? Everyone who has tried to lose weight at least once has had to deal with this problem: at some point the weight just “falls”, and no matter what you do, the arrow on the scales doesn’t even move. Truth be told, this can lead to a loss of motivation, and therefore a person’s desire for proper nutrition and exercise is also lost. To prevent this from happening, here are a few tricks to help you lose weight from a frozen area.

How to lose weight if it doesn’t get out of place?

Keep a food diary

  • Download special software on your phone or just buy a small notebook that will record absolutely everything you eat during the day. Doing so will soon discover your weaknesses in the “food ration,” which will force your weight to freeze and stop in one place.

Check out the to-do list

  • Many products that we consider to be dietary and beneficial do not really have these qualities: for example, fruit juice sold in stores contains sugar syrup – which will not help you at all. It is best to review the list of sweets and replace them with walnuts or live fruits – and you will see the result in a very short time.

Don’t starve

  • If you are on a strict diet, one day your body will realize that it is dark and will start to store fat. Never Hunger – Even after a short diet, you will soon have a digestive system. Add to this the disrupted metabolism and slow food processing. Do you want to become one? Don’t Eat Less – Eat Right!

Count proteins, fats and carbohydrates

  • Even when giving preference to healthy products, it is easy to type in weight. Find out what your ideal balance will be for your age, gender and lifestyle, and follow it. As soon as you start getting the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, the weight will drop from place to place!

Serve slowly

  • The most simple advice that is amazingly effective. It usually takes the brain 20 minutes to reach the nerve. You can get more than enough food in those 20 minutes – if you add it to your social networking site. Eat slowly, carefully digest food and listen to your body.

Avoid “dietary” products

  • In many cases, “diet” drinks or desserts are as harmful to the body as “sweets” – at the expense of sugar substitutes in products or drinks. Therefore, under no circumstances should you include products containing “sugar free” inscriptions.
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