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How to know if your child is overweight

How to know if your child is overweight. Unfortunately, 4 in 10 children are overweight and 2 in 10 boys are obese, according to the latest findings of the World Health Organization for Childhood Obesity. In general, the world has been very high on the list of childhood obesity over the years and it is sad because parents, it turns out, do not seem to realize that their children are weighing above the normal limit.

If you are concerned about the weight of your child, consider the following “signs” and consult your pediatrician:

  • Wear clothes at least 2 sizes older than his or her age.
  • You notice a big difference in weight compared to your peers or peers.
  • She watches television for at least 3 hours a day.
  • He eats the same amount of food daily as you or more.
  • He refuses to follow a balanced diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • She eats ready-to-eat food more than twice a week.
  • If he/she is panting when doing some physical activity.
  • And of course when he is constantly hungry and looking for something to eat.

Help her change her lifestyle and adjust her weight without exaggerations and things not appropriate for her childhood. Be a good example first of all to imitate you. If you eat junk constantly and avoid vegetables, don’t expect to eat otherwise. Also, go for walks and drop off your TV and video games or even reduce your playing time.

Start playing and practicing by age. Young children are ideally placed on the playground by going up and down slides or playing with a ball in the garden. As the child grows up, he or she discovers new ways of cycling and swimming or participates in team sports at school. Avoid getting close by and show the child the benefits of just walking.

Pay attention to portions. You can get smaller dishes to make sure he doesn’t eat too much or put a small portion of the big plate, and after eating, ask him if he’s hungry. It is equally important not to push it to eat it all because it may not need it and be the main reason it is overweight. Talk during lunch to eat more slowly.

How to know if your child is overweight

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