How to improve your memory easier

How to improve your memory easier and gradually. There are things that may not go through our minds, but they can make our minds sharper and our memory like that of an … elephant.

The coveted vacations to clear the mind may not have been enough. After all, is one, two, three or four weeks of worrying enough to rest the brain after a painful winter? Bypassing the medical community and following the empirical method, most would give a negative answer. The good news is that scientists are proposing other – easier, everyday and less expensive – solutions that are aimed at strengthening our minds in winter – summer.

How to improve your memory easier and gradually

Do, Re, Mi … gym

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have deployed a dozen musicians and singers to jazz and rap music on the MRI. While they were improvising with the notes, the scientists recorded areas of their brain that were highly active. “Music has an architectural and mathematical structure. It is based on the relation of one note to the next. Many don’t know it, but the brain has to do a lot of complex calculations to understand it, “experts say. And while music seems to create new … mental paths, scientists recommend that the public open their horizons. “Listen to the music your children or grandchildren prefer. The new sounds also cause new brain stimuli. “

Learn the alphabet in another language is improve your memory

Learning a foreign language … sharpens the mind, positively and profoundly affecting brain function. Researchers from Northwestern University recorded the brain reactions of 48 healthy students (23 were bilingual), in various sounds.
To carry out the study, the scientists placed electrodes on the head of the volunteers that recorded the electrical activity of their brain. When there was a buzz in the lab, the bilingual students’ brain reacted to sound processing, managing to focus on important information. “People are solving crosswords and puzzles to keep their minds sharp, but we have found that learning a second language automatically provides the same benefits,” says researcher Dr. Viorica Marian.

Break the routine

What you are used to doing daily do the other way to activate the other side of your brain and gain access to both hemispheres. So for example if you are left-handed write with the right or if you are right-handed brush your teeth with the left. Switch sides to the mouse, play darts closing the opposite of what you are used to aiming at, indulge in basketball using both of your hands instead of the “good” one. Examples don’t stop there: change your way to work, try a new bun recipe, make new friends. The different refreshes the brain by turning it on.

Train your body for a ‘clean’ mind is improve your memory

Physical exercise exercises (and) the brain in a very effective way. New research is being added to a chain of scientific findings that prove that when the body moves the mind “wakes up”. In particular, a study by the University of Miami School of Medicine in Florida showed that when seniors work for at least one hour a day, they show significant improvement in their mental abilities. Specifically, research participants in just six months showed increased speed in calculations and large differences in completion of activities. Their ability to concentrate has also improved.

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