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How to eat healthy without spending a lot of money

How to eat healthy without spending a lot of money. Sometimes maintaining a healthy eating plan can be a daunting task.

Here are some tips to eat healthy without putting your hand deep in your pocket.

1. Schedule your meals

The most important thing you can do to manage your food budget is to plan your meals each week. Scheduling meals in advance means you can make meals last a few days, as well as make use of leftover food for your dinner.

Main meals consisting of lean meat, chicken and fish as well as the recommended two to three cups of vegetables or salad are cheaper when you buy them in bulk, as it is much cheaper to buy larger quantities of meat and fresh vegetables and use them all, leaving a small amount to reuse a few days later.

2. Find out your cheap protein and vegetable choices

Generally, fresh products, including meat and vegetables, are the items that quickly raise the bill and there are a few tricks to reduce the cost of these foods. The high-protein proteins contained in eggs can replace a meal of red meat each week, or you can opt for cheaper meat, such as minced meat, which can be easily stuffed with beans.

A lot of money can also be saved by eating frozen and canned foods (tomatoes, beans, broccoli, and cauliflower), which may have risen in price because they are out of season.

In general, it is good to know when every fruit and vegetable is in season, to have the best value for money.

3. Go to the flea market

Once a week you can visit the popular market in your neighborhood to get fresh and at the same time cheap fruits and vegetables. You will notice a significant difference in prices.

4. Prefer soups

Some studies have found that people who ate a portion of soup before their meal ended up eating up to 20% less at dinner. This strategy not only helps with weight control and increases the intake of vegetables rich in nutrients, but also means less dependence on relatively expensive meat and fresh vegetable choices.

Try accompanying your soup with an omelette for a cheap dinner.

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