How L-Carnitine Benefits Weight Loss

How L-Carnitine Benefits Weight Loss, Carnitine is one of the important substances, which is found in many different foods, and it can be obtained through nutritional supplement capsules, which help the body get the amount it needs, And it has many different benefits, especially to get rid of excess weight, and through the next lines, we will explain to you its benefits and l-carnitine pros and cos, as well as the dosages that should be taken from it.

  • How L-Carnitine Benefits Weight Loss
  • Does l-carnitine reduce fat mass
  • Doses of L-Carnitine
  • Important precautions when using L-Carnitine for weight loss
  • Side effects of taking L-carnitine for weight loss
  • Cases where carnitine should not be used for weight loss

How L-Carnitine Benefits Weight Loss

Carnitine depends on the presence of many compounds, which are a type of amino acid, which is formed in the muscles and is stored in them, and it is also one of the substances that help to get rid of excess weight and fat accumulated in the body, and it is also manufactured in The human body through the liver or kidneys.

Does l-carnitine reduce fat mass

There are many different benefits that carnitine carries to get rid of excess weight, by containing some compounds that contribute to the elimination of accumulated fat, and among the most prominent benefits of losing weight are the following:

1- Burning fat

It helps to get rid of the accumulated fats in the body, because it is a component of the components that are stored in the muscles, as it depends on getting rid of the accumulated fats, but rather working on converting them into muscles, and thus works to enlarge the size of the muscles of the body.

2- Burning calories

It also relies on burning calories, through it relying on the transfer of amino acids from the body to outside the body, which is excreted in the form of energy expended, and thus it makes it easier for people to exercise and get rid of excess calories in the body.

3- Providing the body with the necessary energy

It also helps to provide the body with the necessary energy for it, which helps it to exercise, and it also helps to give a feeling of energy and vitality, in cases that suffer from fatigue and stress as a result of undergoing severe diets.

4- Enhances The Effectiveness of Insulin

In addition to leight loss and slimming, L-carnitine enhances the effectiveness of Insulin. As you know insulin is the hormone that will regulate the blood sugar levels. After you take sweets pancreas produces and releases insulin to blood and control the suger level in your blood. In this case L-carnitine enhance the effectiveness of insulin.

Doses of L-Carnitine

As for the way in which L-carnitine can be taken, it is one of the types of nutritional supplement drugs, which can be obtained through capsules, and those capsules or tablets are taken through this following method:

  • Take one L-Carnitine tablet three times daily.
  • The dose obtained from L-Carnitine capsules should be between five hundred and one thousand milligrams per day and not more than that.

When to take carnitine

When to take carnitine? Some important precautions that a person must protect must be followed so that he is not exposed to some complications or damages, and among those precautions are the following:

  • It is taken just before each of the three meals.
  • Carnitine can be taken approximately twenty minutes before a workout.
  • Excessive use of capsules must be avoided, in order not to negatively affect public health or cause complications.
  • The Carnitine product is one of the treatments that help in losing the body, but it is necessary to follow a diet alongside it, as it alone does not produce an effective result in getting rid of excess weight.

L-carnitine pros and cos

Side effects of taking L-carnitine for weight loss

Carnitine may cause some minor side effects, as it is like any type of dietary supplement that can cause harm if used in large quantities and for long periods, and among its side effects are the following:

  • It causes a noticeable increase in the heart rate.
  • Carnitine can also cause headaches.
  • In some very rare cases, it may cause breathing problems, difficulty breathing, and shortness of breath.

Cases where carnitine should not be used for weight loss

There are also some cases in which this type of capsules should not be used, because it may cause some serious health complications, and the most prominent of those cases in which the following use is prohibited:

  • It should not be used by women during pregnancy, as it may affect the health of the fetus.
  • It is also prohibited for women during breastfeeding because it reaches breast milk.
  • In cases that suffer from some disturbances in the digestive system, especially vomiting or nausea.
  • It is prohibited for children, especially those suffering from attention deficit, hyperactivity, or autism.
  • It is not used for cancer, diabetes, and hepatitis cases.
  • If you are taking some other medicines that treat the problem of hair loss, L-Carnitine should not be used with it.

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