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How does our body react when we eat sugar

How does our body react when we eat sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar has been linked to the onset of chronic conditions, most notably heart disease. However, despite doctors’ warnings, many people continue to admit it. Indicatively, daily US sugar consumption. it reaches 73 grams, well above the recommended limits of 24 grams for women and 36 for men.

So by learning exactly what is going on in your body when you eat too much sugar, you will be able to adopt healthier habits and improve your diet.

What causes the body to consume too much sugar


Sugar triggers the secretion of dopamine, a hormone that improves mood. The more sugar you eat, the more needed for your mood to rise.


Too much sugar can increase inflammation, leading to acne and skin conditions, such as rosacea.


The liver turns sugar into fat. Excessive consumption of sugar can lead to problems such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


The excess sugar causes the pancreas to make insulin overproduction, a situation that can lead to diabetes.


Processed sugar adversely affects the gastrointestinal microbiome.


Too much sugar can lead to hyperglycemia, diabetes and kidney failure.


Studies have shown that high blood sugar levels help to harden the arteries of the heart.


Processed sugar causes sharp spikes in blood sugar, disturbing the balance in blood sugar levels.

How your body breaks down sugar

Eat cookies, ice creams, candies or any sweet of your choice and your body will break down the added sugars they contain into glucose and fructose.

Glucose is treated differently in the body than fructose. Glucose is a simple sugar or monosaccharide and the carbohydrate component of the body’s preferred source of energy. Glucose is absorbed directly into the bloodstream for use as energy.

Fructose (often called fruit sugar), on the other hand, is processed in the liver, where it must be converted to glucose before it can be used as energy. This is not usually a problem if you eat fruit, for example, because fiber and nutrients help slow down absorption and keep blood sugar levels steady. However, fructose is often found in processed foods and when consumed in excess, the liver converts it into fat. This can have negative effects on triglyceride levels (a type of fat in your blood) and is an indicator of heart disease.

Because your body wants sugar

Sugar sharply increases the sugar in your blood and then drops it sharply. So you may want another chocolate to feel good again. The process could be described as a drop in mood and energy, depending on the human being and the amount of sugar he consumed.

You may find that you are addicted to sweets and the truth is you probably do not fall out much. Specifically, the brain adapts to the secreted dopamine every time you eat sugar, which means you will be looking for more sugar to reach the same levels of euphoria.

The health problems that can arise in the long run

We may focus on whether over-eating high-processed sugar-containing foods makes slimming difficult, but the implications are even more significant in terms of our health.

Too much sugar makes the pancreas overwork (something that can cause diabetes) and hardens the arteries of the heart (increasing the risk of heart disease). At the same time, it raises blood pressure and lowers the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol.

Remember that…

Not all forms of sugar are the same. Sugar is a natural ingredient found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. When eating these foods, you can also consume a variety of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat, and water. You also get fiber, which helps slow down digestion and mitigate the release of sugar into the bloodstream, preventing the aforementioned “spikes and crashes”. What you should avoid is the added sugar found in processed foods.

How does our body react when we eat sugar

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