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How do I properly wash the corona mask?

How do I properly wash the corona mask? Due to coronavirus pandemic, most of people use handmade fabric masks in a more fashionable way. After almost two months in quarantine, the coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten our health. However, we can now go out on the condition that we must wear a mask indoors to prevent the virus from spreading.

The mask is mandatory for citizens in public transport, taxis, elevators, hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. The mask is a must for those working in public transport, taxis, supermarkets, grocery stores that manage non-standard foods, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, hairdressers, and beauty salons. In short, the protective mask has entered our lives for good and has become essential to us.

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How to wash your fabric mask

The fabric mask seems to be a practical option, as it can be reused. However, washing the fabric mask requires care in order to remove any germs and effectively disinfect it.

First, you need to wash the fabric mask every time you wear it. If you can’t wash it as soon as you enter the house, close it in a plastic bag, carefully removing it, and then washing your hands.

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In order to effectively clean your mask, you can wash it in the washing machine at high temperature or wash it with detergent by hand and then leave it for about five minutes in boiling water.

In any case, it is important after washing the mask, to disinfect your hands, the sink, and everything else you used.

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