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How do I prepare the child for his little brother

How do I prepare the child for his little brother? Your little one may have been urgently asking for a sibling all this time, but that doesn’t mean that now that his wish has been granted, everything will go as you had in mind. It is not uncommon for parents to happily announce that the family will have a new member, followed by an outburst of anger. Therefore, it is very important how you announce to your little one that he will have a little brother, but also to prepare him properly for his new role.

When should we announce to the child that he will have a little brother?

This is something that usually depends on the age of the child. However, in any case, it is good to be patient until your belly starts to swell so that you have passed the first critical 3 months. In addition, the infant will better understand what is happening if he has some visual and credentials.

After the announcement, let the child freely express his feelings, whatever they may be. Avoid criticizing his reaction by saying phrases such as “Come now, you are exaggerating” or “You will get over it”, even if you disagree with him. Tell your little one that you love him and explain to him that your love is not diminishing now that the new member of the family will come. Keep in mind that the child needs time to realize and accept the new situation.

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How do we prepare our little one for his new role?

Let him meet his little brother

After informing the child that in a few months his little brother will come to your house, show him his current home. By letting the child touch your belly and feel his little brother “kicking”, you will help him better understand the situation and bond with your unborn child. You can also read fairy tales to the baby and sing to him.

Have fun together

As soon as your second child arrives home, you will not have the luxury of time, so make sure all three of you have time to have fun doing activities that your child enjoys.

Ask for his help

Prepare the child for his role as the older sibling, asking for his help in the preparations. Go shopping together for the new member, decorate the baby’s room together and consult him about the name you will give to the baby.

Share your personal experience

Show him your photos with your siblings and talk to him about the beautiful memories you have of your childhood with your siblings. If you are an only child, share with him how upset you were that you had no siblings.

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Get relevant books

No matter what age the child is, there are definitely books that explain how a new life is created. Read them with him and explain to him any questions he may have. Books for young children will describe the reproductive process in a way that can be perceived by your little one, e.g. with a seed that is planted, sprouted and grows.

Watch related movies together

Many children’s films have dealt with the issue of the birth of a baby and the fraternal relationship. Choose the ones that suit your child’s age and watch them together.

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