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Healthy meal plans for elders in summer

Healthy meal plans for elders in summer
Healthy meal plans for elders in summer. Healthy meal plans for elderly must modify their diet to adapt it both to their state of health and to the weather conditions. We advise you how to do it and how to enjoy it.
Summer arrives and the thermometer begins to rise, to lengthen the hours of the day, we are more exposed to solar radiation and live drastic changes in temperature due to exposure to air conditioning. Older people are especially sensitive to these weather conditions, especially if they suffer from cardiovascular, respiratory, renal disease, or take beta-blocker, diuretic, or antihistamine medications, among others, because they can interfere with their body temperature, the body’s ability to adapt to heat and increase the risk of dehydration they already have.
Therefore, an adequate diet and healthy meal plan is one of the allies of the elderly to control their body temperature during the summer months. By eating a series of foods and discarding others, it is possible to avoid perceiving extreme heat, sweating excessively and reaching dehydration or heat stroke that, in people with a delicate state of health, can be a serious problem.
The goal of the healthy meal plan of older adults in summer is to provide the energy and nutritional needs they need, but without raising caloric intake. To do this, you should opt for foods rich in vitamins , mineral salts , fiber , and liquids , which ensure adequate hydration that compensates for body perspiration and promotes normal diaeresis.
The kind of foods that guarantee these requirements are, especially, fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables, because they are hardly energetic, so they do not increase body temperature, but contain abundant vitamins and minerals.

The importance of protein in the summer for the elders with healthy meal plans

For any person, the protein intake of their diet is essential because this nutrient is involved in the functioning of the immune system, in the formation and maintenance of the muscles, in the production of hormones, acts as an antibody, and is part of the hemoglobin, which is the protein that carries oxygen to the cells, among other functions. We obtain proteins from meat , fish , eggs and legumes, especially.
Proteins should have a leading role in the diet of older people to keep their muscles in good condition, and these protect their bones and joints, since their good condition will favor their mobility, activity and strength. However, low protein consumption in the elderly is very common due to the difficulty of chewing and swallowing.
In winter, older people usually consume protein through meat, fish and legumes in stews, purees and baked goods because with these cooking they can make these foods easier to eat. But when summer arrives these preparations are not appealing or simply lazy to prepare them for heat, which means that they reduce protein consumption even more.
However, there are many alternatives to ensure adequate protein intake in summer dishes , such as whole salads , cold cakesstuffed eggs or simple skewers.
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