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Healthy eating and more fitness

Healthy eating and more fitness. Spring is the season of renewal. Many health-conscious people take this opportunity to get rid of extra pounds. With a simple concept that mainly focuses on healthy eating and fitness, sustainable weight loss is easy; and with a slimmer figure, anyone wanting to lose weight also gains charisma.

Eating three times a day – this is how effective fat burning works

Above all, effective weight loss requires a cleverly timed eating behavior. Studies have shown that the best results in weight loss are achieved when a maximum of three meals are consumed daily; however, the person wishing to lose weight should observe a period of at least four hours between the individual meal phases. The reason for this procedure lies in the increased effectiveness of the fat burning: During the meal break between meals, fat can be burned in a targeted manner; if there are only two hours between the individual rations, the body can hardly switch on the combustion.

This principle should, however, be carried out strictly: every candy, every high-calorie juice interrupts the diet, so that the combustion phase is reduced. In terms of volume, the third meal of the day should be the smallest; it has also proven useful to take the evening snack before seven in the evening, as the metabolism slows down later.

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The principles of healthy eating

If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to resort to one-sided diets. Weight loss is healthiest if it is carried out with the help of a balanced mixed diet. The basis is formed by both fruits and vegetables, which are best consumed pure and uncooked. Varieties such as broccoli, cauliflower or white cabbage are best prepared with the steam cooker in a way that is gentle on vitamins. Anyone wanting to lose weight should consume at least five servings of fruit and vegetables.

The menu is supplemented by whole-grain products such as whole-grain bread, brown rice or whole-grain pasta as well as potatoes, which are served in the form of jacket or boiled potatoes. The diet does not necessarily have to be vegetarian; low-fat cuts of meat are allowed. It is not so much a question of the animal from which the meat is obtained, but rather of the type of meat. For example, pieces of breast or fillet provide much fewer calories than meat obtained from the abdominal region.

In any case, a fat-rich breading should be avoided; grilling, boiling, and baking are ideal methods of preparation. Sausage and ham should also be selected carefully; cooked ham, jellied vegetables or corned beef and salmon ham are particularly suitable. Classic cold cuts, spreadable sausage or red sausage as well as rind stomach and blood sausage, on the other hand, contain a lot of fat and should therefore only be used in exceptional cases. The milk content should also be considered for milk and milk products such as cheese.

Tailor-made food – exemplary daily schedule

A healthy diet that helps you lose weight starts at breakfast. Whole grain bread, which can be spread with a little bit of semi-fat butter and jam (70% fruit), has a satiating effect. Alternatively, a cereal breakfast is suitable: However, these should be made from whole grain flakes and should not provide any additional sugar. Crispy preparations that are more likely to be classified as sweets are to be avoided with muesli. Breakfast is completed with fresh fruit, which can be added as a salad to the cereal mixture or consumed neat.

At lunchtime, a piece of grilled meat tastes great with a large portion of steamed vegetables, which is either seasoned with vegetable broth or served with a light sauce. Boiled potatoes or brown rice complete the dish, which can be complemented by a fresh salad. In the evening you can taste a classic snack consisting of whole-grain bread and low-fat ham or cheese. The topping should, in turn, consist of vegetables, for example, fresh tomatoes or cucumber slices. However, losing weight works particularly quickly if the evening meal is designed to be protein-rich. Then yogurt or curd as well as fish dishes or protein bread are used, which specifically stimulate fat burning during the night.

Exercise and Lose Weight – Exercise supports the process of weight loss

Every weight loss also includes targeted exercise; in this way, the fat burning is additionally boosted. For this purpose, the combination of endurance sports and strengthening exercises has proven to be particularly useful. No expensive devices are required for this; Sit-ups can be done at home. Strengthening exercises are also possible with Thera bands.

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Swimming is an ideal endurance sport, especially for overweight people. The movements that are carried out in the water prevent overstraining of the joints and at the same time ensure the decline of orange peel, The water has a massaging effect on the top layers of the skin. In special aqua jogging courses, targeted movements for weight loss can be carried out, for example, the abdominal roll, which has a similar effect to classic sit-ups. In addition to movement in the water, walking or Nordic walking can also be used. If you are only slightly overweight, jogging or cycling will also help. With every sporting activity, it applies that only regular training leads to success: three units per week have a particularly lasting effect.

The combination of healthy eating and targeted exercise helps to effectively advance the weight loss process. A nice side effect: the facial features become firmer again, the skin smoother.

Healthy eating and more fitness

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