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Healthy drinks for kids

Healthy drinks for kids. The basic beverages that kids need are water and milk. But according to a Columbia University study, two-year-olds receive more than 120 calories a day in sweet drinks while older children drink more preservatives than milk. The biggest problem is that children get half the calories they need per day.

What do we do when a child hates milk?

Many children stubbornly refuse to drink the source of iron and vitamin D they need without extra fat. 2 cups of low-fat milk equals 85 grams of Cheddar cheese. Children usually refuse to drink milk when they are weaned due to a change in taste. What you can do is put very little commercial milk in the infant and gradually increase it to get used to it. If it is larger and does not drink it, add flavors but not with cocoa and chocolate. Prefer fresh fruit.

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When you have the opposite problem, you have a child who drinks milk all the time.

But this cuts his appetite so he doesn’t eat vegetables and meat. What you can do is avoid milk with all the fat and give it low after 2 years. If you don’t like the taste, mix the two types. Better yet, have him drink water between meals.

It depends on the juice.

Although it is good for a child to drink 100% natural juices, this does not in any way replace the nutritional value of whole fruit. Experts recommend less than 160 grams of fruit juice for children 1 to 6 and 340 grams for older children. It is always preferable to drink water when thirsty. If we do not want to dehydrate, let it play and thirst and give yourself the water. Alternatively, you can always have jugs of water and fruit inside to make it more appealing to the child’s eyes.

He loves soft drinks

Half the children between 4 and 8 years, drink one soft drink a day. But it is quite clear that the consumption of soft drinks is linked to obesity. If you keep asking for it, you shouldn’t ban it completely because then you make it more enticing. Set strict limits on when to drink, such as in particular circumstances.

Healthy drinks for kids

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