HomelifestyleHave you found the meaning of life?

Have you found the meaning of life?

Have you found the meaning of life? People looking for meaning in life are more likely to find it near their sixties, according to a new scientific study, so forget about the rush.

What brings you joy and pleasure in your daily life? Whether it’s family, friends, careers or something completely different, you may need to reach your sixties to be able to fully appreciate it, according to experts.

The end in itself gives health and longevity

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, observing more than 1,000 people in the US, aged 21 to over 100, found that those most satisfied with their lives were those in the middle of the age range, sixty years. Those who feel they serve a purpose, meanwhile, appear to be more healthy, both physically and psychologically, meaning that they will die much later in life, since health and self-esteem are closely related concepts, according to scientists.

“Many view the meaning or purpose of life philosophically,” says Dr. Dilip Jeste, psychiatrist and neurology professor. “However, the meaning of life is largely linked to better health, well-being and possibly longevity. Those who find meaning in their lives are happier and healthier than those who have not yet found it. “

Youth and confusion

To find out if adults are looking for or have found a purpose in their lives, they were asked to rate phrases such as “I am looking for a purpose in my life” or “I have discovered the meaning in my life.” Those who said they had understood their purpose were in fact in better psychological and physical health than those still in search.

“When you’re young, about twenty, you’re not sure about your career or the partner that will be with you all your life. Basically looking for these, you are looking for the meaning of your life, ”explains Dr. Dilip Jeste. “As you move into your thirties, forties, and fifties, the landscape dissolves. Most relationships at this age have been crystallized and shaped over the years. Search is reduced in this way and everything that gives you meaning in your life is growing, ”he says.

There is no meaning

Of course, we do not go through the search process once in our lives, as when the circumstances around us change, such as when someone retires, we need to redefine our purpose by redefining the data. However, the confusion one faces is not the same, as there are certain constants, such as the family, that are difficult to change.

Have you found the meaning of life?

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