Half of all cancers can be prevented through changing habits and lifestyles

Almost half of all cancers can be prevented
Half of all cancers can be prevented through changing habits and lifestyles. If we know that about 4 out of 10 cancers can be prevented, we will surely be wondering how. Scientists once again did a great deal of research to show us the changes we need to make to the way we live in order to do so.

Since early March, London and the whole of the United Kingdom have been inundated with a new ad campaign, a slogan that is constantly heard on the radios and featured on social media, digital media and many street signs: “You know what it is. the second – after smoking – cause of cancer that we can prevent? Obesity”. 

Half of all cancers can be prevented through changing habits and lifestyles

The campaign is sponsored by Cancer Research UK, which highlighted that being obese or overweight is linked to 13 different types of cancer, information that only 15% of UK residents seem to know. Not having cancer is often up to us Recently, Cancer Research UK has also presented the results of a large study on the causes of cancer that are in our power to influence, change, and prevent. 

What is also striking is the fact that 38% of cancers diagnosed in the UK each year could be prevented through changing habits and lifestyles. The 5 Basic Causes of Cancer That We Can Prevent. So experts tell us about the changes we need to make in our lifestyle and our habits starting with our most stressful and dangerous habits or choices. 

So they explain that we should check: 
1. Smoking, responsible for 15.1% of cancers.
2. Obesity, responsible for 6.3% of all cancer cases.
3. Exposure to sunlight either by sunbathing or sunbathing (without sunscreen), which accounts for 3.8% of cancers. 
4. Alcohol consumption, responsible for 3.3% of cancers.
5. Poor nutrition, which means that we do not consume enough fiber (ie whole grains, fruits, legumes and vegetables),

which is responsible for 3.3% of all cancers.

The expert’s opinion Konstantinos Syrigos – Professor of Pathology and Oncology at the Medical School.The majority of neoplastic diseases are due to “environmental” factors and not to heredity, as people mistakenly believe. Extensive exposure to carcinogens, such as tobacco products, solar radiation, air pollution, water pollution and more. causes various forms of cancer. Obesity, another ‘environmental’ factor that, unlike the genes we inherit, can be directly or indirectly blamed for 40% of all forms of cancer. 

This is not to say that overweight causes all of these cancers, but that there is some kind of predisposition that can be avoided by modifying lifestyle. Forms of cancer, such as breast (especially after menopause), colon, ovarian, of the pancreas and others occur more frequently in overweight. Of all cancers, 55% in women and 24% in men are related to obesity and the trend is increasing as the average weight of the population increases in both Western countries and in our country. The mechanism implicated, inter alia, is through excessive production of hormones, such as insulin and estrogen, which are metabolized in adipose tissue. Most interestingly, weight reduction reduces the risk of certain cancers. And if you consider the additional multiple health benefits in other areas (cardiovascular risk, hypertension, diabetes, etc.) weight control

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