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Hair fall out problem and its solution

Hair fall out problem and its solution

Hair fall out? Hair, like skin, is a mirror that reflects the state of our body. And if you have any problems, including hair loss, it means that the body gives you signals that something is wrong with it. So, lets see Hair fall out problem and its solution.

What is the norm of Hair fall out

– During the day, a healthy person drops up to 50 hair. If on a comb or when washing you notice that you are losing them more, this is an occasion to think.
There is still such a test: you need to pull your hair and let it go. If more than 10 hairs are left in your hand – this is an occasion to consult a specialist.

Does seasonality exist of Hair fall out

– Periods when hair, for example, grows faster or falls out in larger quantities, are usually associated with hair growth cycles. There are three phases (anagen, catagen and telogen) that replace each other, and the duration of a particular phase depends on various factors: the amount of vitamins in the body, the amount of insolation, etc. 
If we talk specifically about seasonality, then the increase in loss can be noticed in the spring.

The main causes of hair loss

– Alopecia is considered a multifactorial disease. Its development may be affected by:
  • frequent stress
  • diseases accompanied by high fever for a long time
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • vitamin deficiency
  • a number of serious diseases, such as syphilis
  • prolonged intoxication with production factors
  • malnutrition
In fact, there are a lot of factors of hair fall out. Often, as one of the leaders, hormonal also joins. By the way, it’s hard to establish a leading factor in hair loss, so doctors recommend an additional examination.

An important role in the development of alopecia is played by improper care, namely:

    • improper use of the hair dryer, which can lead to hair overdrying. It’s right to dry your hair with a towel after washing, then hold it in air, and only dry it with a hairdryer, moreover, with a cool air stream of air
  • tight tails and pigtails that pull your hair
  • improperly selected shampoo
  • hair extension procedure, if it was performed poorly (the capsule in this case stretches the hair too much, which leads to its loss)
  • coloring with aggressive dyes (if you have a problem of hair loss, but there is no way to completely stop hair dyeing, it is better to prefer natural dyes, ammonia-free, tinting)
  • daily hair wash
  • sudden changes in temperature when from heat to cold or vice versa (paralysis of blood vessels that feed the hair root occurs and theoretically this can lead to termination of hair growth or hair loss)
You need to understand that in any case there is one leading factor. However, the treatment of alopecia is always complex.

What to do

– First of all, you should seek the advice of a trichologist, as well as conduct a series of examinations in order to determine the leading factor in hair loss and the possibility of adjusting additional factors.
The trichogram is the most informative method in this case: the hair is counted at different stages of growth, the condition of the scalp, circulatory system is assessed and the causes of hair loss are identified.
It is also recommended to further examine the hormonal background of a woman, to take tests for infections that can lead to hair loss.
The fact is that without further examination, the external fight against hair loss with cosmetics may be ineffective. I repeat, problems with hair are signals of the body that something is wrong with it.

– And what can you try to do at home before going to a specialist for hair fall out?

– Unfortunately, many people who have encountered such a problem first start doing something at home, thereby wasting time, and then, if it does not get better, they turn to specialists.

I would recommend starting the examination, and at the same time doing something at home.
First of all, it is worth reconsidering ways of hair care, abandoning a hot hair dryer, abandon aggressive staining and using curling irons, tongs. Revise the care products (shampoos, balms, masks), probably replace them with pharmacy options.
Then adjust your diet and start taking a complex of vitamin preparations. By the way, there are special vitamin complexes for the treatment of alopecia. This is all so that until the results of the examination come, not to sit idly by. 
It is also important to normalize your psycho-emotional state. Prolonged stress has a negative effect on our appearance in general and on hair in particular.

– Women write on forums that they use all kinds of masks to stimulate hair growth (from mustard, pepper, garlic, cognac, etc.) as a fight against hair loss.How justified is this?

– In fact, these are the correct methods of influence. In order to accelerate hair growth, irritant therapy is sometimes used. Those. irritating preparations are applied to the scalp, this improves blood circulation, and accordingly, the nutrition of hair follicles.
Today, the problem of hair loss is one of the most frequent, with which women and men turn to trichologists. This is a multifaceted problem, which is why one prescription for treatment does not exist for everyone. The effect can be achieved only by a complex effect on the internal environment of the body, as well as normalizing your care and lifestyle.
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