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Habits that ruin your nails

Habits that ruin your nails. You can paint your nails but are they really healthy?

Make sure you don’t make any of the following 6 frequent mistakes by inadvertently destroying your nails. Let’s see Habits that ruin your nails.

1. Cut your towels

No one has ever liked nail polishes and you are certainly no exception. You may think that trimming your nails ensures well-nailed nails, but in reality, all you can do is cause minor injuries. Instead of cutting your towels, which will quickly come out again, take care of them by applying a special oil. Keep it on your bedside table and do not forget to apply it every night before going to bed.

2. You do not eat healthy

Nutrition is the A and the Z for our overall health and appearance. Dairy products, meat, seafood, nuts, and whole grains are some foods that should not be missing from your diet if your goal is strong nails.

3. Make gel and acrylic manicure

As beautiful as your nails look after a visit to your favorite nail bar, gel and acrylic manicure require rubbing the nail surface, a process that leaves the nail thin and fragile. Once the material is removed, say goodbye to the impressive nails.

4. Skip the base varnish

Ever wondered why your unpainted nails have the color that your last manicure had? The answer is simple: because you miss the base varnish. For some reason, this transparent liquid is called a base. It is the essential base for your manicure and protects your nails from the stains left by the varnish.

5. You do not care for their hydration

Of course, we will not tell you not to do chores at home, as the windows are not going to clean themselves by magic. What we recommend is always wearing gloves to protect your hands and nails from dehydration and to apply frequent hand cream.

6. You are using the blade incorrectly

You didn’t expect that, right? And yet, this is one of the most common mistakes we make when nailing our nails. You probably trim your nails left-right without thinking too much. To avoid unwanted peeling, strain only in one direction and simply repeat the same motion.

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