Future moms encouraged to heal their caries

Future moms encouraged to heal their caries
Future moms encouraged to heal their caries.
A baby, a tooth! It was customary to say that each pregnancy was translated for the mother by the loss of a tooth. This is very excessive, but a team at Inseam still shows that oral prevention should be emphasized in future mothers. 
According to their study conducted in 6 maternity hospitals in Ile-de-France, Midi-Pyrénées and Alsace, 51.6% of women have at least one caries and an average of three when examining their teeth just after the birth of their child . The development of caries being often longer than 9 months, pregnancy is not responsible for the appearance of caries. On the other hand, it accelerates its development. 

Future moms encouraged to heal their caries

During the 1 st quarter, only emergency care will be practiced. It is a period of frailty for the fetus during which doctors and dentists prefer to postpone any unnecessary intervention. The 3 th quarter are not conducive to repeated appointment to the dentist or dental pain that would be on-particularly complements that of the back. 
Experts therefore recommend to check the 4 th month for a preventive examination. This leaves time of 2 th trimester of pregnancy to treat any cavities or other problems detected.

To promote this oral prevention, an agreement has just been signed between the dentists and the National Union of Health Insurance Funds. In 2013, pregnant women will benefit, during their 4 thmonth of pregnancy, a preventive examination at the dentist. On the same principle as consultations M’T teeth that are already offered to children 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 years, it will be fully supported by the Health Insurance. 
Free admission could be a useful incentive because Jean-Noël Vergnes’s team has identified low social status as a risk factor for cavities at the end of pregnancy. With the possibility of a free consultation, during a period without risk for the baby, will only remain to overcome the fear of the dentist!

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