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Frequent exercise makes you 30 years younger

Frequent exercise makes you 30 years younger. Research findings show that if we stay active, we can delay the bodily harm that comes with age.

Pensioners in very good shape have almost the same muscles as 25-year-olds, according to a study by the University of Indiana, which studied 28 people over 70 years. Participants had been practicing nonstop since the 1970s, and the results, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, showed that those who exercise regularly had the biological age of people who were 30 years younger than them.

What was of great interest was that the participants were not athletes, but ordinary people who had incorporated gymnastics into the decade in which the exercise made a big bam. ‘We’re very interested in people who started training in the’ 70s and did it purely as a hobby, ‘said Scott Trap, head of the study and a professor of exercise science.

Social media research

With the help of social media, researchers have found 28 people who have maintained this level of activity over the past five decades. They also investigated two other groups: the inactive 70-year-old and the active 20-year-old. They tested their aerobic skills and measured the number of capillaries and enzymes in the muscles, whose high levels indicate good muscle health.

Scientific View

Those who exercised had more enzymes and capillaries than inactive seniors and had the same muscle health as 20-year-olds. The only difference between the older ‘athletes’ and the young ones is that the older ones had a slightly reduced ability to exercise aerobically.

However, their ability remains 40% higher than their peers in sedentary living. The results show that if we stay active, we can delay the physical deterioration that comes with age, and we can build a robust muscular system as we grow up with the head of research stating that he is inspired by these people. He is in his 50s and intends to practice more regularly the following suit.

Frequent exercise makes you 30 years younger

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