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Frequent exercise helps to reduce smoking

Frequent exercise helps to reduce smoking
Frequent exercise helps to reduce smoking and stress: Research shows that people perceive exercise as a way to regulate stress and stress and to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Recent scientific research has shown that regular exercise can help smokers reduce or even quit smoking.

“Regular physical activity can increase a person’s confidence that he or she can quit smoking, respond more vigorously to the withdrawal symptoms caused by nicotine dependence, and that are usually associated with the person, such as stress, depression, irritability, worries, poor concentration “, stresses, inter alia, at the Athens-Macedonian News Agency Yiannis Theodorakis, professor at TEFAA and vice-rector at the University of Thessaly, referring to the benefits it may have smoking cessation.

Frequent exercise helps to reduce smoking

“Exercise as well,” continues Theodorakis, “helps by increasing calorie consumption in the metabolic balance and protecting the individual from weight gain. Research shows that many see exercise as a way to regulate stress and stress, improve their lives, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. They also perceive physical activity or organized exercise programs as a key strategy in trying to quit smoking and reduce alcohol. For example, related research has shown that even a physical activity program that included 15 minutes of fast walking was capable of causing a decrease in the strong desire for smoking and related deprivation syndromes during and after exercise.

“Experts are trying to develop intervention programs, mainly psychological support that will help reduce or stop cigarettes without the use of drugs. Of course, these programs also include exercise which, in combination with counseling, has a positive effect, ”
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