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Four Ways That Mobile Destroys Your Skin

Four Ways That Mobile Destroys Your Skin
Four Ways That Mobile Destroys Your Skin. While it has long been known about the possible negative effects of blue light on phones, it seems that this is not the only way phones can damage the skin. There are four different ways in which your mobile phones could harm your face.

Four Ways That Mobile Destroys Your Skin

    1. Acne. A study by the University of Arizona revealed that cell phones have about seven to ten times the amount of bacteria found in a public toilet. It is not the first study to find that phones are highly contaminated, so it is not surprising that your phone could make a decisive contribution to acne, given the tendency of bacteria to clog pores. The solution; Use headphones and wipe the screen of your cellphone with alcohol wipes to remove as many bacteria as possible before use.

    2. Wrinkles in the neck. Another news that no one would want to hear (but you should know): your cellphone is partly responsible for the appearance of wrinkles and throat lines. The phenomenon was called “technology neck” to describe the continuous descent that your neck makes to see your phone. To avoid unwanted wrinkles, raise your phone at eye level instead of constantly looking down.

    3. Early signs of aging. The speculations surrounding the blue light of phones as a trigger for premature aging have intensely occupied the beauty field. A 2013 study suggested that “high-energy visible light” (blue light or HEV) could help to show signs of aging and skin tinting, in the same way that UVA and UVB rays damage the skin. However, there is still insufficient evidence. In any case, instead of trying to stay out of the blue light (which is almost impossible in our day), you can offset the potential damage by using local products such as antioxidants that act as “fire extinguishers” and help neutralize the damage of free ones. root causes that can be caused by a variety of sources (mobiles, computers, televisions).

    4. Local dermatitis. Cases for mobile phones consist mainly of two components: chrome and nickel. There is some research to support the possibility that these two minerals, and especially nickel, cause skin allergies. If you frequently get a rash on one side of your face after using your phone, you are likely to experience an allergic reaction to your phone case. The solution is to choose a plastic phone case and a plastic or glass screen protector. In the case of itchy rash, a hydrocortisone cream can help, but it should always be used with caution and with the advice of a doctor.

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