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Formaldehyde in Cosmetics

Formaldehyde in Cosmetics. We all know that most of our cosmetics contain enough chemicals. But knowing which of these chemicals is dangerous is quite difficult but also important. Seeker-zone.com will talk to you today about Formaldehyde, which has become a big issue about its existence in hair and face products and how harmful it is.

It has recently been announced that Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. So are the products you put on your hair, nails, and even your face causing cancer?

What is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a colorless, flammable gas commonly used in cosmetics. It is also used in the production of fertilizer, paper, and other products. It is most commonly used in the form of a liquid (combined with water) called formol. Its main use is to keep bacteria away from the cosmetic contained.

Which cosmetics contain Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is often found in nail polishes, nail hardeners, eyelashes, hair gels, soaps, makeup products, shampoos, creams and deodorants, and other products. It has been observed that 20% of products on the market contain Formaldehyde.

What are the risks of Formaldehyde?

What is known risk is skin irritation, scalp, and hair loss. But this is very rare since the number of chemicals in the products is very small. The substance can also cause eye, nose, throat and skin irritation.

But the most worrying thing is that Formaldehyde causes cancer. Formaldehyde is a proven carcinogen under certain conditions, such as large-scale use or long-term use. This is usually not a risk of using cosmetics because of the small amount it contains, but it affects workers on these cosmetics as they are exposed to the substance for a long time.

It is also a dangerous substance in nail hardeners since it is used in greater quantities, not only as a defense against bacteria but also for its hardening properties.

How Safe is Formaldehyde?

The competent offices along with experts tell us that the use of Formaldehyde is almost harmless in the products in the amount of 0.2% or less. It is recommended that products in spray form should not be used at all. Some experts, however, insist that the substance should not be used in cosmetics, since “if you use a shampoo with formalin for 30-40 years there will be a problem”.

How do I know if my product contains Formaldehyde?

This is a little difficult. Each product is required to include in its packaging a list of the substances it contains, but because Formaldehyde is usually not used in its original form you can often be confused. It’s almost impossible to make sure if this substance is present in your cosmetics.

After all, what do you need to know and watch out for?

There is still no clear evidence that Formaldehyde causes cancer, nor what the exact amount is starting to be dangerous. The best thing to do is to avoid hair treatments or products containing Formaldehyde and if you are using a nail hardener you should do so in a large area with open windows to avoid inhalation of the substance.

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