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Forget Antipyretics, Five Alternatives to Throwing the Fever

Forget Antipyretics, Five Alternatives to Throwing the Fever. Not only antipyretics are a way to cope with the hardship caused by rising body temperature due to the virus. How to treat fever in alternative ways.

Antipyretic doctors

Footbath with coarse salt

In a bowl of water, pour a handful of coarse salt and aspirin. Footbath for 5-10 minutes, wipe your feet well and wear double socks. Bed in bed and rest.

Lemon with garlic

In a half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, pour a sliced ​​clove of garlic with a spoonful of honey and drink.

Black pepper and ginger

Prepare a ginger decoction (in boiling water, pour a tablespoon of dried ginger for 2-4 minutes). Pour a pinch of black pepper and a teaspoon of honey. This drink causes sweating, so make sure you change clothes when you sweat.

Textures with essential oils

In 100 ml of almond oil, pour 15 drops of lemon essential oil and 8 drops of peppermint essential oil. Apply to the back, neck, and neck. Then cover well and rest.

Anti-fever herbs

Some herbal beverages help regulate body temperature. To prepare the beverages, boil the water, then pour in a teaspoon for 3-4 minutes. Strain and drink. Be sure not to exceed three drinks a day.

Thyme: Thyme has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It also facilitates respiratory function. It helps to reduce the fever, especially when it is presented in combination with headache, cough and sore throat.

ShabukShabuk flowers are beneficial for the fever that develops after a cold with a cough and runny nose. Shampoo has the ability to cause sweating, which helps reduce high body temperature. It also stimulates the body’s defense and helps with spanking.

Itea  (willow): The bark and leaves of willow have been used since ancient times for their healing effects. They contain salicylic acid, which is similar to aspirin in small doses. They are considered effective antipyretics, especially when the fever is accompanied by pain throughout the body (in the bones and muscles).

Mint: It helps as an antipyretic, especially when the fever is manifested in combination with other symptoms, such as nausea, skin irritations, and headache. It has the ability to “cool” the body, which helps reduce fever. But you should know that peppermint is forbidden if you do homeopathy because it blocks the action of homeopathic remedies.

Yes or No to Food, When We Have a Fever?

According to experts, this depends, to some extent, on the conditions under which the fever occurred. If presented after a long period of intense fatigue, then it is advisable to strengthen our body with soups (such as chicken soups and meat soups) and fruit juices.

On the other hand, if the fever manifests itself after a period of many eating abuses and exaggerations, then it may be beneficial to stay fasting for a day – after all, our body wants it.

In addition, experts in natural remedies explain that fasting of this form “activates” the immune system.

In any case, however, it is necessary to drink plenty of water.

Bath with essential oils

The lukewarm bath has proven to help lower body temperature.

To make it even more effective, fill the tub with lukewarm water and pour in the essential oils that stimulate the immune system and have an antipyretic effect (4-10 drops, depending on how full the bath is): rosemary, marjoram, and mint – either alone or in combination.

If you are in high intensity and want to relax, add 4 drops of lavender. Alternatively, instead of all of the above, you can throw in a single drop of cinnamon and cloves, which are more effective.

Stay in the bathtub for 6-8 minutes, wipe, dress well and fall into bed.

Forget Antipyretics, Five Alternatives to Throwing the Fever

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