Foods that take libido off

Foods that take libido off. Yes, dear Seekers Zone readers, a romantic dinner with the right food, the perfect wine, and the right dessert can lead to a hot night – not to mention that one of the things men always long for is their mom’s food! On the other hand, nutrition can enhance sex life, thanks to vitamins and the elements contained in some foods.

We have all heard of the valuable Vitamin C, aphrodisiac seafood, stimulant chocolate, the miraculous Omega-3. How can we use them in our daily diet and what exactly will they offer us? Many of their secrets were known even from antiquity since they believed that certain foods, such as grapes, nuts, oysters, spices, etc., had the potential to dispel suspensions and enhance sexual desire.

However, all of this has been questioned at times, and it seems that every person works differently. Be that as it may, preparing dinner for the one we care about is the best aphrodisiac.

Sesame: Simple and “humble” sesame can do wonders. These tiny grains contain selenium, a vital element in the immune system and in improving the body’s stamina. It is also one of the largest sources of energy. So by introducing it into our daily diet, the difference will be noticeable, since one tablespoon a day … Viagra goes beyond!

Foods that take libido off

Spinach: It’s probably the first food that comes to mind when it comes to those that contain iron. This valuable element helps in the synthesis of hemoglobin in the blood, which is essential for the transport of oxygen to the body. However, spinach has another property, less well known but just as important: It plays a very important role in sexual arousal! Did Popey know anything more?

Tone: Yes, quality is what plays a big role in sex, but who will refuse quantity? And especially when the quality is good? If your beloved does not cover you with his stamina, make sure he eats more often. The reason; Increases sperm production, libido, and stamina! At the same time, you can get more Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as salmon, swordfish, and tuna. Omega-3s are responsible for hormonal balance and nerve endings, while keeping the skin soft, thereby enhancing pleasure to the touch. Do we need to mention anything more?

Reinforcements: If you now feel that the atonement phase is over and its strengths have temporarily dropped, prepare some avocado dishes. The vitamins B6 and C contain regulate the levels of testosterone, the well-known and non-specific sex hormone necessary to keep libido high and increase sperm density, check out this natural testosterone booster, it might help you too.

Chocolate: It is the food that has been linked to sex and sex more than any other. The most erotic sweets are chocolates, with most chocolate ads referring to romantic situations. However, the impetus it gives to sex life is not that great. But on the other hand, a few pieces of our favorite chocolate can easily put us in the mood, thanks to phenylalanine, which is produced by consuming even the slightest amount of chocolate.

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