HomenutritionFoods that increase leptin levels

Foods that increase leptin levels

Foods that increase leptin levels. Did you know that a hormone produced in adipocytes stimulates your metabolism and alerts your brain that you are full? The hormone that does this is leptin. Some scientists have argued that more leptin can improve fat burning, but research has come to something completely different.

Overweight people tend to produce excess leptin and usually have high levels of leptin. High levels of leptin also translate into high levels of sugar and insulin. Excess leptin can lead to a reduced sensitivity to leptin, which in turn leads to hunger and ultimately, to increased weight. Although there are foods containing leptin, eating such foods will not help as leptin is not absorbed by your intestines.

Most foods referred to as leptin rich actually increase leptin sensitivity and do not contain as much leptin itself. Therefore, this category of foods will not only increase your leptin, but will also help you have a better metabolism. So read on which types of foods are able to increase your sensitivity to leptin and thus help you lose weight. 

1. Protein

Protein activates your body and raises leptin levels, making you feel full for longer.

2. Fat Fish

Fat fish is rich in essential vitamins and Omega 3 fats and helps you keep your weight under control.

3. Zinc

Many studies have shown that people with leptin deficiency usually also have zinc deficiency, with this phenomenon being more common in obese people. A good way to increase your zinc intake and your leptin sensitivity is by incorporating foods such as beef, nuts, seafood and pumpkin into your diet.

4. Green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain nutrients without burdening you with unnecessary fats. Vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are especially nutritious for your body as they are rich in fiber. Fiber is known to increase leptin levels and lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Foods that increase leptin levels

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