Foods that exacerbate the symptoms of influenza

Foods that exacerbate the symptoms of influenza. No matter how you try to avoid colds or seasonal influenza, germs will crumble until they reach even a weak spot in your defense. If you can’t get away with it, you can at least spend as many days as you can with your friends. You are more likely to succeed if you avoid these foods.

Which foods worsen the symptoms of the flu?

The sweets

Large amounts of sugar suppress the functioning of our immune system. At the same time, they tend to create or intensify inflammation. So, as much as you feel like a sweetie would make you moody, try to think a little longer and avoid it.

Simple carbohydrates

Processed carbohydrates break down rapidly into sugars, resulting in the same results as in our body. Prefer carbohydrates with a low glycemic index or high fiber content. The only way simple carbohydrates can do you good is in cases of stomach sickness, as they are easier to handle.


We have heard many people argue for alcohol as a doctor – mainly for the sore throat. They are wrong. Like sugar, alcohol lowers the immune system and causes inflammation. At the same time, it dehydrates us – and we all know the importance of hydration during an illness.

Fatty foods

Most likely your body itself understands that it is best to avoid them. Fatty foods can increase inflammation and destroy your already limited appetite.


Coffee, as well as high-caffeine teas and soft drinks, have diuretic properties. Which means they dehydrate us. Of course, if you prefer your coffee sweet, things are even more difficult because of sugar.

Crispy snacks

Hard foods irritate the throat and can aggravate cough and sore throat. Prefer foods with more “friendly” textures and leave the crisps for later.

Savory and sour foods

You can put a little lemon in your tea or a little salt in the chicken soup, but if you overdo it instead of helping you it will aggravate the sore throat.

Foods that exacerbate the symptoms of influenza

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