Five Tips to Lose Weight Without a Diet

Five Tips to Lose Weight Without a Diet. The holidays are undoubtedly a season full of eating disorders. Currybreads, marmalades and junk food are an essential part of our daily diet, and visits to the gym sound like a joke. Adding to all of this and the bad weather that made us want to stay home and eat, it’s no wonder how we got to lose a few pounds and feel our beloved jeans narrow.

The truth is that returning to a  balanced post-holiday diet can only be compared to going back to the office after a leave.

However, you do not need to panic because you are fat. By following the right steps you will be able to lose the extra pounds easily and without hassle or starvation.

So let’s see what you have to do.

1. Get rid of the temptations

There is no reason to make it difficult for you to try to lose weight by keeping delicacies at home. We all know that that potato chip bag you see every time you open the closet is very likely to be eaten in a sudden after-hours slump.

So remove anything unhealthy from your kitchen and stock up on foods that will keep you full without overloading your calories. Fresh fruits, vegetables, canned tuna, turkey slices, and unsalted nuts are some of the healthy foods that should not be missing from your diet.

2. Stay hydrated

No matter how cliché you hear, drinking too much water can greatly enhance your weight loss. Not to mention how much it benefits your overall health and the appearance of your skin.

Water has no magical slimming properties. But it certainly has the capacity to bring about a feeling of satiety. After all, it is strikingly common to confuse thirst with hunger, so consuming water during the day can reduce sudden leanness and thus lead to reduced calorie consumption. As is known, reduced-calorie consumption is what results in reduced weight.

3. Pour it into the soups

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have found that when you start your meal with an oligothermic soup, such as chicken broth with vegetables, you will end up eating 20% ​​less calories in your lunch than you normally would without eating it. of the day. In the long run, by eating 20% ​​less calories each afternoon, you will be able to lose weight without even trying it too much.

The soup will fill you up because it contains a lot of water and at the same time has low calories, especially compared to other appetizers. In fact, it is advisable to prefer soup instead of a glass of water before your meal, since it is more nutritious and enjoyable, and when it comes to your stomach, it helps to release the satiety hormones.

4. Move on

Adopt the habit of moving daily, for at least half an hour. Try to walk more vigorously or more kilometers 4-5 days a week and 2-3 days for a milder workout, such as leisurely walking or stretching. Don’t forget to do a weight training workout as you increase your muscle mass and burn more calories.

If you don’t have time for all this, research has shown that even 15 minutes of exercise a day is beneficial to the body. Even walking to your office, strolling the dog and using the stairs instead of the elevator are small movements that stimulate your body and help you burn calories.

5. Eat the right foods

When you want to lose weight, fiber and protein can help you significantly, keeping you full for longer.

Fiber not only helps the bowel and heart function well, but it also helps control weight because they cause longer and longer satiation. As soon as they find water in the body they absorb and inflate it, greatly increasing their volume, resulting in fast satiety and keep you full for a long time, as they stay in your gut for a long time. At the same time, they better regulate blood glucose levels.

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The claims that protein contributes to slimming are based on its ability to be gradually absorbed by the stomach, thereby increasing the feeling of satiety. On the contrary, carbohydrates are absorbed more quickly from the stomach and intestine, giving you energy but also making you hungry after a while. Especially when you combine protein intake with exercise, you increase your muscle mass and therefore your body’s daily burns.

Five Tips to Lose Weight Without a Diet

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