Five daily habits that endanger your health

Five daily habits that endanger your health
Five daily habits that endanger your health. You have stopped smoking and have reduced your coffee and alcohol to a minimum. So you’ve closed your bills with your body, haven’t you? Unfortunately, no. In fact, your body is a sensitive system with very delicate balances that can be disrupted more easily than you think. Some everyday habits that seem harmless, unavoidable, or even beneficial to you are capable of doing you great harm. Some are so common that you may not even realize that you have adopted them.

Five daily habits that endanger your health

01. Nagging

It is very important that we do not keep what we care about ourselves. However, if we overdo it with grumbling about our friends – and especially if it is not productive – we can do no harm to our mental health instead of improving it. According to research, when we talk to our friends about our problems, stress levels in our body go up. It is therefore important to keep the measure.

02. Social Networks

According to surveys, engaging with social media creates feelings of loneliness, which in turn become more intense with the amount of time we spend refreshing our homepage. In addition, when we spend all day looking at the best moments of others’ lives, it makes sense to feel that our own is lagging behind. Both emotions increase the risk of depression.

03. Nightlife

After a whole week at the office, when the weekend finally arrives, it makes sense to want to delay sleeping as much as you can. After all, you’ll be replenishing it in the morning, right? Not exactly: A 2016 study showed that when we are late to sleep – and therefore wake up – we consume more junk food and fewer vegetables as we exercise less.

04. TV

No, we will not talk about the dangers of sedentary living – we think you already know them very well. But did you know that longtime television viewing is associated with a lower rate of processing information in middle age? Specifically, researchers found that those who watched more than three hours of television a day for 25 years performed worse than others in tests that tested their cognitive functions.

05. No meals

You want to control your weight, but you do not have the time or the mood to create the right diet plan. So you decide to cut lunch. Aside from the discomfort you are having on your stomach, it seems that you will not get the slimming you want. Studies have shown that when we miss a meal, we tend to replenish our calories the next, so our weight stays constant – at best. In addition, fasting glucose levels and the body’s response to insulin are affected, conditions that could lead to diabetes.

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