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Fish pedicure known as a fish therapy

Fish pedicure known as a fish therapy

Fish pedicure known as a fish therapy “not by the rules”

Fish Pedicure with fish is as follows. Feet are lowered into a fish tank filled with warm (about 37 degrees) water. Fish have no teeth, so the process of cleansing the feet of keratinized skin is completely painless. The whole procedure takes up to 30 minutes. After this treatment, the client does not need a deep impact with the help of the master’s tools – most often gentle gentle processing and unedged pedicure take place. 
The procedure should be repeated no more than twice a month. The result will please the customer immediately and gain a foothold for a long time. 
In addition to the fact that the fish remove dead skin, their effect also has a massage effect. The procedure does not lead to the development of pain, bloodless, no damage from exposure to tools. In addition, the whole process is very comfortable and aesthetic (we are not saying that observing the fish in the aquarium, in principle, gives only positive emotions). The skin from such a non-classical procedure will be soft and silky, and the effect will last longer than from a hardware pedicure .

Indications and contraindications

“Fish” pedicure is gentle and has no particular contraindications. Moreover – the best freshwater aquarium fish combination help in the fight against skin problems, with gouty manifestations. Of course, the procedure does not contribute to the complete cure of skin diseases, but at least it has a beneficial effect on the skin and significantly improves its condition. Micro massage stimulates blood circulation, and watching the fish improves mood and relaxes. 
Pedicures are not recommended for clients with obvious foot injuries. This is an elementary issue of hygiene. However, he is controversial. Of course, there are fears that fish, unlike traditional tools, are not amenable to conventional sanitation methods, which means they can be potentially dangerous. However, to date, not a single case of any disease has been recorded after the “fish” pedicure. In addition, the water in the aquariums is changed after each procedure, and the tanks themselves are cleaned with ultraviolet light.

Fish pedicure Reviews

Those who have tried the fashion service on themselves are positive about this unusual form of pedicure. Tourists in Thailand and Turkey note that salons of “fish” peeling are found on every corner. Such a procedure is inexpensive, the effect is excellent, the process gives only pleasure. As for the sensations, the ladies give out a slight tickling and tingling, comparable only to a mosquito bite. Fans of this exotic type of relaxation and body care are advised to choose smaller fish, as larger individuals can cause discomfort. 
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